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Just What You Need


As someone who advises others to detox and who regularly does it, I often hear skeptics say it doesn’t work. But that’s too broad of a statement. What doesn’t it work for? What were you trying to accomplish? And what kind of detox did you do? If you were looking to shed 15 pounds through a detox and then go back to your bad habits, expecting to keep off the weight, it won’t work! That’s not what detoxes are for. If a detox “didn’t work,” then it was prepared or applied incorrectly. Good detoxes are more of a mindful check-in. It should boost your liver and cells to do a better job and remind you to be conscious of what you eat and drink. It’s like a quarterly review of your body. You analyze what you have been through, address your goals, and launch into healthier living. At The Livewell Clinic, we create specialty detoxes for each of our patients, because cleansing regimens are not one-size-fits-all. What works for me on a regular basis may not work for you, and finding what does takes time. We may put a patient on a two-week cleanse that ends up taking one month because we have to adjust it to their lifestyle and tolerances. We want to see you succeed. I personally know how challenging a detox can be, but I can also attest to its power. In the end, I really do love a good detox. It rids the body of all that’s clogging up my system, and while I could do without the headaches and fatigue, it’s always just what I need.

I have a confession: I don’t like doing detoxes.

Some of you who have doneThe Livewell Clinic’s detoxes and cleanses just did a double take. We’ve heard the complaints, and we’ve been there. The headaches as you experience withdrawal from caffeine and sugar can be unbearable, and each day is just as exhausting as the next. I get it. I detox myself, and just because it’s not necessarily the most fun part of my week, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize that I need it. And you need it, too. Your body is a machine when it comes to filtering out the bad gunk you put into it. It’s constantly scrubbing and cleaning itself, and your liver — possibly the most powerful and well-known of your body’s self-cleansing systems —works hard every day to release the filth clogging it up. But just like the filtration systems in your home, sometimes your body needs a tuneup. I always say that I like to see patients cyclically detox, just to check in on their body and realign with their wellness goals. Take two weeks every three months or so and just rid your body of the filth that might be gumming up the works. I need to make something clear, though: There are good detoxes and bad detoxes. When you adhere to drinking a bunch of tea and going to the bathroom several times every day, you’re not really boosting your body’s filtration system. You’re just dehydrating yourself. These “cleansing” systems are commonly advertised as a one-stop shop for weight loss, but they don’t give you any real benefit.

–Dr. Z a c Watki ns


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