College – Issue 41

“It highlights compassion, which is one of the key values of Christ’s College. And I’m so grateful to Monique for giving up her time and helping the boys in leading from the heart.” Rolleston makes its mark at Spreydon Rolleston House boys have continued their volunteer efforts at Spreydon School twice this past term, helping out and further cementing a great relationship. Deputy Head of House and student in charge of the initiative Louis Hitchings says the contact has been established over the last three years and is cherished by both parties. “The boys have been mentoring the students in the classroom, organising break-time activities, helping with projects around the school, and on occasions providing a hash brown shout.” Deputy Housemaster and mentor Carey Prebble says the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “It has been great to see our boys flourish as role models and to see a different side of them while they work with the younger students.”

School steps out to support Aviva

Twenty-eight College boys have taken to city streets to help raise funds for Aviva, an organisation that supports wha¯ nau and communities to live free from violence. The School House students supported the street appeal by collecting donations. “The boys in School House were grateful for the opportunity to help those in need. Hearing stories from members of the public about their struggles with domestic violence and abuse made our volunteering feel more than worthwhile as we realised just how real the issue was,” Head of School House Louis Elworthy says.

College Issue 41 2021


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