College – Issue 41

COMMUNITY & SERVICE The environment needs you – and so does College

There’s a strong environmental conscience running through the College campus. And if any College boy is concerned about local or global issues, and believes it is time to act rather than talk, then the Environment Committee wants to know. This year has been the perfect opportunity for boys to step up and get involved – to stop theorising and begin the work. It has been the year that the Environment Committee has increased its presence on campus and broadened its scope to engage likeminded members through publishing its actions and strategy on social media, including an Instagram page. Head of Environment Janindu Pahalawatta and his colleagues, including Scott Gregan and Kevin Thiele – all keen environmentalists – have been on board from the beginning of the year. Together with committee members Thomas Currie, William Law, Hamish Falls-Anderson, Angus Gifford, Greg Robertson, Oscar Compton-Moen and Noah Yee, they are committed to the environmental cause and have been supporters of College programmes throughout their secondary education.

“There are loads of environmental service opportunities on offer at College,” Janindu says. “Time can be a bit limiting sometimes, but we want everyone who wants to be engaged in projects to get on board. They just need to get stuck in.” Scott Gregan, who has been involved for a couple of years, says once boys start realising the spin-on effects from choice and sustainability, the impact of their actions on the planet soon has much more meaning and significance.

“And the fact that in the future it’s going to be their world, and much more focused on environmental planning and its repercussions for the planet. Businesses will need to be much more aware of their responsibilities in these areas, for example. You can see this starting already, and councils and local bodies are enacting laws to make it happen.” Janindu says actions taken locally are just as legitimate and worthwhile as those enacted by governments.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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