College – Issue 41

How your sponsorship is spent

Overview College provides an environment in which boys can achieve and perform to their best, academically and in co-curricular activities. These include sport, music, drama, clubs, exchange programmes, outdoor education and service. Every year we set an annual budget based on a business plan for each of these activities, together with provision for the administrative support and financial resources necessary to run these programmes. We are very fortunate that several members of our community recognise the value and impact College has on the lives of our boys, and want to offer support through sponsorship. A sponsor benefits through greater engagement with College by attending the many events on offer, extensive networking opportunities, and, most

importantly, market exposure through advertising opportunities linked to the College brand. The nuts and bolts Specifically, sponsorship enables us to continue to provide our operational programmes by ensuring there are sustainable budgets for each programme, year on year. Sponsorship funding enables us to deliver exceptional programmes, attract professional coaches, and offer opportunities for competition across all levels. It also funds specific items which College cannot provide within budgetary constraints. It enhances our facilities and equipment, and means we are able to upgrade our equipment more regularly than may be otherwise possible.

College Issue 41 2021


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