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En brief / Briefs

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Steep fines not deterring illegal left turns

Taser stops local man, brandishing weapon

A local man was tasered after he threatened the life of two police officers. Matthew Sawyer, 28, of Cornwall, was arrested on April 24 and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of dangerous weapons, three counts of threats to life and breach of probation for failing to keep the peace. It is alleged that on April 15, the man threatened the lives of two police officers with a knife at the Montreal Road police station. The man then left the station stating he was going to go kill a 47-year-old woman known to him. Police followed the man who refused to put the knife down at which point a taser was used. Following an investigation, the man was arrested and charged accordingly on April 24 and remai- ned in custody for a bail hearing . – Francis Racine Forests Ontario offre des subventions de plan- tation d’arbres aux propriétaires fonciers qui se qualifient au programme 50 millions d’arbres du gouvernement de l’Ontario. Introduit en 2008, le programme vise à augmenter le couvert fores- tier de l’Ontario en plantant des arbres sur des terres agricoles marginales ou au ralenti, bien qu’encore productives. Les propriétaires d’une zone productive d’un hectare ou plus pourraient être admissibles aux subventions. Forests Ontario met en contact les propriétaires intéressés avec des partenaires locaux de plantation qui éva- luent chaque propriété afin de fournir un plan de plantation adapté sur mesure à leur terre ainsi que des conseils sur l’entretien et la gestion des arbres. De plus amples informations sont disponibles auprès de Wade Knight au 613-257- 9261 ou au . – Francis Racine Police is seeking the help of the public in iden- tifying the individual who committed a nauseous act, at the local Dairy Queen, on April 25. On that day, the Cornwall Community Police Ser- vice investigated a complaint at the Pitt Street business. Investigation revealed that at approxi- mately 7 p.m., someone discharged an offensive substance that caused discomfort to staff and patrons. The Cornwall Community Police Service is asking anyone that might have information about this crime or any other crime to contact Cst. Huygen at 933-5000 ext 2785 or ext # 2404 to leave anonymous information. – Francis Racine S exual assault leads to arrest A 56-year-old Cornwall man was arrested on April 27 and charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation. It is alleged that, between March 1997 and November 1998, the man sexually assaulted a 17-year-old youth known to him. Police was contacted and an investigation ensued. On April 27, the man was located at his residence, taken into custody, charged accordin- gly and released to appear in court on June 2. His name was not released as it might identify the victim in the matter. – Francis Racine Subventions de plantation d’arbres Police seeking public’s help in nauseous act


It seems that a “no left turn” sign on Cum- berland Street has largely been ignored by drivers exiting the Walmart parking, much to the disarray of the Traffic Unit of the Cornwall Community Police. The sign, installed by the City on February 23, seems to have no direct impact on impa- tient drivers. “We had officers patrolling around Walmart on Cumberland and we found many of you still turning left into the parking lot,” read a message posted by a constable, on the Traffic Cornwall Commu- nity Police Service Facebook page. “Obey the sign. There is another entrance just a few hundred meters ahead.” Standing next to the sign, the other en- trance is clearly visible, only a few driving seconds away. The penalty for turning left, just to save a few seconds, is a $110 fine along with two demerit points. In an effort to see just how many moto- rists ignore the sign, The Cornwall Journal decided to investigate further, by actually counting the amount of vehicles that turn

Photo: Francis Racine

A “no left turn” sign on Cumberland Street has largely been ignored by drivers exiting the Walmart parking

More information about local traffic updates, follow the official Traffic Cornwall Community Police Service Facebook page at

left, when not supposed to, during a typical rush hour. Sure enough, we counted seven. Drivers ranged from young adults, families and even older individuals.

Paul Harris awards presented to Cornwall citizens

Submitted photo

On April 21, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise and the Rotary Club of Cornwall presented Paul Harris awards to honour citizens of the community who have contributed to their community, both here and elswhere.The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise honoured Dr. Agatha Forson, Bob Firth and Louise Lanctot, whereas the Rotary Club of Cornwall honoured Chief Dan Parkinson and Denis Thibeault. Pictured are Louise Lanctot, Bob Firth, Chief Dan Parkinson, Denis Thibeault and Dr. Agatha Forson.

"$56"- * 5 r  /&84 Zombie survival play reeling in the awards

A zombie survival play, performed by a student drama team from the St. Lawrence Secondary School, has garnered its fair share of praise. The team posted the school’s best per- formance yet last week at the w East Region Showcase, held in Perth. Competing at the event for the fifth time in nine years, the school’s entry, 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, won a total of four awards, including the coveted

Adjudicator’s Award. The production also earned two awards of distinctive merit for ensemble per- formance and pro-

Submitted photo

A teamof students posted the St. Lawrence’s Secondary School’s best performance, during the 2015 Ontario Drama Festival East Region Showcase, which was held at the Perth and District Collegiate Institute.

duction team, while Director Anna-Marie Bowering won the Award of Excellence. “It felt great to see them honoured as a team from cast to crew for their hard work and perseverance,” said teacher-adviser Al

Merizzi of the team. While the play failed to advance to the provincials, Merizzi said the team’s successful showing was a great way to end the 2015 season. The play, performed at Perth and District Collegiate Institute, is about two narrators watching a television movie marathon of zombie films. As they activate the televi- sion remote and begin to watch one of the movies, the action of the movie is played out on stage for the audience to see. The comedy imparts words of wisdom about how to survive a zombie apocalypse and keep brain and body intact. This was the second straight year the school had featured a zombie-themed play in the festival. The cast and crew were able to take suggestions from the adjudicator

at last year’s festival to improve this year’s performance –mostly around the need to be “tighter” in terms of scene changes, lighting changes and other technical aspects of the show. “Our kids bought right into it and the adjudicator said he could feel the joy (for the play) – everyone was really excited to do the show from the sound people to the zombies, to the survivors, to the make-up crew.” The cast featured 11 student performers this year. Jordan Laframboise and Tiffany Reinhold played the TV viewers. Serena Welsh, Emma Douglass, Nick Sauve, and NickWilliams played survivors, while Jared Williams, Ronald Furoy, Gabbie O’Byrne, Blair Petryna, and Robert Occleston-Pratt played the zombies.

Édifice à condos : la construction commence


de quatre étages, devrait accueillir ses pre- miers résidants d’ici la fin de 2015. « Nous avons approché le projet en sachant que le nouveau bâtiment deviendra immédiate- ment un repère du centre-ville et du secteur riverain de Cornwall, a expliqué M. Ché- nier. Nous voulons faire une contribution positive à la revitalisation du centre-ville, non seulement comme étant un quartier commerçant et gastronomique, mais aussi comme l’une des zones résidentielles pri- vilégiées de la ville. » Le nouveau bâtiment sera conçu dans un style moderne avec des éléments clas- siques et aura une façade en pierre avec de grandes fenêtres lumineuses ainsi qu’un coin incurvé face à l›intersection du chemin Pitt et Second. La Place Dominion offrira également une terrasse sur le toit, deux salles de réunion, un espace barbecue avec une vue du fleuve St-Laurent ainsi qu’une aire d›entraînement. Les unités auront une taille allant de 1000 à 2700 pieds carrés et seront essentiellement axées sur les jeunes couples professionnels ainsi que les individus retraités. Denis Carr, du groupe Heart of the City , a souligné que la Ville a accepté d’entreposer la clôture de bois, pour qu’elle puisse être éventuellement utilisée.

Une clôturemulticolore entourant l’arron- dissement du chemin Pitt et Second depuis plusieurs années a enfin été déplacée, si- gnalant ainsi le début de la construction d’un imposant édifice à condominiums. Mais l’œuvre, créée par des bénévoles de la région et achetée par Heart of the City pour plus de 12 000 $, a rapidement été remplacée par une autre clôture de six pieds de haut, de couleur grise cette fois. En effet, deux affiches, contenant toutes deux les phrases « Vous avez parlé… nous vous avons écoutés! », accueillent désormais les piétons et les automobilistes de la région. Un édifice à condominiums, qui sera construit par Ron Chénier, dominera bien- tôt le ciel du centre-ville. « La prochaine phase du projet est la construction de pièces d›acier, ce qui n’exige pas la fermeture des trottoirs et des rues, a souligné un rapport du comité de planification. » Rappelons que l’espace convoité, situé au beaumilieu du centre-ville de Cornwall, accueillait autrefois l’hôtel King George. Mais l’espace est inoccupé depuis l’incendie qui a rasé l’édifice en 1997. La Place Dominion, un édifice à condos

Cornwall Electric rates won’t go up in 2015-2016 Thankfully for city residents, Cornwall Electric has recently announced that it won’t increase hydro rates in the upcoming 2015-2016 years. The announcement is made possible thanks to an elec- tricity supply contract negotiated with Hydro Quebec. Residential and small business customers will still be able to receive the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, saving 10% on electricity costs, until the provincial program ends in 2016. Customers of Cornwall Electric are also exempt from the debt retirement charge, which is billed to Hydro One customers. – Francis Racine

Catholic EducationWeek May 3 to 8, 2015

Semaine de l’Éducation Catholique 3 au 8 mai 2015




Years Ans



“Exploring the paths of Joy – Explorer des chemins de joie”

Thank you for choosing Catholic Education! Merci de choisir l’Éducation Catholique!

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Celebrating the unsung heroes


The Catholic District School Board of Eas- tern Ontario (CDSBEO) celebrated the Bravo Breakfast Awards at Holy Trinity, on April 28. One student fromeach elementary and secondary school is chosen to receive an award annually, which acknowledges the unsung heroes within CDSBEOCatholic schools. Director of Education Wm. J. Gartland began the tradition of honouring these re- markable achievers seven years ago. «Each of the young people here has been selected by their individual school communities for their special contribution,” explained Gartland. «You have made a difference in the lives of those around you, and you have put others ahead of yourselves inmany circumstances. Each of you represents what we hope all of our students aspire to do and be.» Billie Disotell, from Bishop Macdonell Catholic School, Sweet Perreras, from Im- maculate Conception Catholic School, Cody Van Loon, from Iona Academy Catholic

Submitted photo

Pictured are (front row) Corrinna Collette, BillieDisotell, Brenna Cameron, JaydenBelanger, Sweet Perreras, DrakeWahsquonaikezhik, Emma Glenn, SarahMacGillis and Joey Samson. In the back row, Gavin Dancause, Robert Longchamps, Eric Brisebois, Cody Van Loon, Shane Lalonde, Taylor Jackson and Shelbie Thomson.

Des platebandes à L’Héritage

School, Drake Wahsquonaikezhik, from St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School, Jayden Belanger, from St. Peter Catholic School,

School, Corrinna Col- lette, from Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School, Joey Samson, fromSacredHeart Catho- lic School, Brenna Cam- eron, from St. Andrew’s

Gavin Dancause, from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, Shelbie Thomson, from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, Shane Lalonde, from St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School

Wm. J. Gartland began the tradition of honouring these remarkable achievers seven years ago.

Catholic School, Sarah MacGillis, from St. Anne Catholic School, Eric Brisebois, from St. Columban’s Catholic School, Emma Glenn, from St. George Catholic School, Taylor Jackson, from St. Finnan’s Catholic

and Robert Longchamps, fromSt. Matthew Catholic Secondary School were all honored. The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario operates 40 elementary and 10 secondary schools across eight counties.

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Les élèves de l’ É cole secondaire publique L’Héritage préparent des platebandes pour le jardin communautaire de leur école. Les légumes qui y pousseront serviront à faire vivre le programme des déjeuners à l’école. En photo, Alexandre Deschamps, Nicholas Vallance et Cole Montpetit

Gifts to thrill your mom

Des idées de sorties pour fêter maman Vous voulez offrir à votre mère bienai- mée un cadeau durable? Si les fleurs se fanent, les souvenirs, eux, sont impéris- sables : offrez-lui une journée spéciale en votre compagnie. Voici quelques suggestions de sorties qui raviront les mamans de toutes genres. d’escalade ou un saut en parachute sau- ront la combler. Sinon, optez pour une paisible envolée en montgolfière. Partie de golf, séance photos, balade au parc, tournée des boutiques… Quelle que soit l’activité choisie, ce qui est important pour votre mère, c’est de pas- ser un bon moment avec vous.

Mother’s Day is almost here and you’re still searching for the perfect gift, one that will make your mother’s eyes shine with delight? Don’t get discouraged. Here are some suggestions that could inspire you. • Jewelry, the ultimate in fashion acces- sories, is always popular. A great way to express your love is to have an affectionate message engraved inside a beautiful ring. There are also all kinds of heart-shaped pendants and earrings that are perfect for saying “I love you, Mom.” • How about a gift to fuel one of your mother’s passions. Watch her glow with happiness when she realizes you’ve given her tickets to a show starring her favourite singer, a subscription to a specialized magazine, a book by a recommended author, a boxed DVD set

of a TV show she likes, kitchen acces- sories or a gift certificate for a new pair of shoes. You know your mother well enough to identify what she loves most. • Some gifts can’t be bought, but they’re no less valuable for all that. So you could help her out by preparing a week’s worth of meals or washing all her windows — you know how much she hates that particular chore. Or sim- ply spend the day with her; go out for a walk together, watch her favourite mov- ies or play some board games. If you really don’t know what would please your mother most, take her shop- ping a few days before Mother’s Day and take note of what catches her eye. Then you can go back without her to buy the perfect gift.

• Profitez de la nature : si votre mère aime le grand air, pourquoi ne pas partir en randonnée? Vous pouvez aussi faire une excursion à vélo ou à cheval, ou simplement aller pique-niquer dans un décor enchanteur. • Gâtez vos papilles : pour la maman gastronome, rien de tel qu’un repas en votre compagnie dans son restau- rant préféré ou dans un restaurant où elle rêve d’aller depuis longtemps. Si elle aime cuisiner, vous pouvez aussi lui offrir un atelier de cuisine. Elle sera ravie de partager l’expérience avec vous. • Prenez soin d’elle : votre mère adorée est-elle plus journée détente au spa ou journée beauté avec manucure, pédicu- re, maquillage et coiffure au menu? • Plongez dans la culture : musée, galerie d’art, théâtre, cinéma, cirque, concert, humour… Les idées ne manquent pas pour gâter votre maman! Elle aime sur- tout la lecture? Emmenez-la bouquiner dans une librairie, offrez-lui un livre et finissez la journée dans un café. • Vivez une nouvelle expérience : si elle aime les sensations fortes, une journée

Guy Lauzon , député Stormont-Dundas- Glengarry Sud

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Happy Mother's Day Bonne fête des Mères Jim McDonell MPP / DÉPUTÉ Stormont-Dundas- South Glengarry J

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sur votre commande pour la fête des Mères

Apportez cette annonce et recevez

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Maggie’s getting married




625, ch Montréal, Cornwall, Ontario tel.: 613 938-1433 • fax.: 613 938-2798



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Photo: Francis Racine

The Seaway Valley Theater Company is sure to make theater lovers laugh, with their production of NormFoster’s Maggie’s GettingMarried. On the night before the wedding of their youngest daughter, Maggie, and their soon-to-be-son-in-law, Russell, the Duncans have gathered for one final family party. WhenMaggie’s older sister returns

home for the wedding, she discovers that she knows Russell a little better than Maggie would prefer, and the mayhem ensues. The play will run until May 9, at DreamBuilders Studios.

JOB OFFERS The St-Albert Cheese Co-operative, Eastern Ontario’s leader in cheese production, is emerging from its ashes, stronger than ever, with modernized facilities, improved production capacity and an iron will focussed on only one thing: pursuing the tradition of making the best cheddars in the country. To this end, the Co-operative is currently looking for people who would be interested in joining its team in the customer service, accounting or in the new restaurant. We are currently recruiting for these positions:

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin (never known to fail). Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help and show me, herein you are my Mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none who can withstand your power. Oh show me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse in thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can obtain my goal. You who gave me a divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances, in my life, you are with me, I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as I confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. The Person must say this prayer three consecutive days. After three consecutive days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favour is granted. J.L. PRAYER

For additional information about these positions, our requirements and how to apply, visit Click on « About » and then « Job opportunities ».


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND SALES • Regional Sales Manager – Business development –Western Quebec • Regional Sales Manager – Business development – Eastern Ontario


RESTAURANT • Assistant Manager Restaurant/Kitchen Manager – full time

• Line Cook / Cook – part time • Restaurant Cashier – part time • Busboy – part time

The deadline for submitting your applications is May 15, 2015.



%044 * &3  r  $"4&  ' * -&

The forgotten project: Revitalization of the Cornwall Harbour

Submitted photo


drastically reduced. A booklet, prepared by prototypeD Ur- ban Workshops Inc. on behalf of the now defunct Renaissance Group and presented to residents years ago, highlighted themany changes that the non-profit organization intended to bring to the warehouse. “A project like Cor-

of the project that Cornwall’s Planning Advi- sory Committee (PAC) would have to inquire about the lease between the Cornwall Har- bour Inc. and the federal government. Chuck Charlebois, then chair of Renais- sance Group, had expressed that once the property had become available, a kind of public-private partnership would be neces- sary. Therefore it seems, once again, that a major development project has been shelved simply because the land on which it was lo- cated was actually owned by a separate entity other than the city: the federal government. In the city’s official Waterfront Plan 2007 , an entry on page 31, under the subtitle Con- straints to Development , states that “Land Le R éseau local d’intégration des services de santé (RLISS) de Champlain , ainsi que ses partenaires, aident plus de personnes à accéder plus rapidement à des arthro- plasties de la hanche et du genou grâce à un système d’admission centralisée qui permet de gérer plus efficacement les listes d›attente. Le processus s’inscrit dans un programme plus vaste qui a pour effet d›améliorer les soins en général des per- sonnes qui souffrent de problèmes d’arti- culation de la hanche ou du genou. Le RLISS de Champlain travaille depuis plusieurs années avec les hôpitaux de la ré- gion en vue d’établir un programme d’admis- sion centralisée et d’en faire une utilisation optimale. Ces efforts ont donné lieu à une répartition plus égale des patients entre les chirurgiens. Selon les plus récentes données disponibles, soit en décembre 2014, 88 % des patients avaient subi leur arthroplas- tie du genou depuis les six derniers mois, comparativement à 68 % deux ans plus tôt. Dans le cas du remplacement de la

ownership is fairly complicated in this area. The City of Cornwall does not own any land in the harbour area. Sections of the land are owned privately or by federal government agencies.” Further in the plan, an entry states that PAC’s general objective, in order to lead with any developments in the area, would be to “pursue an active role in land acquisition where opportunities exist.This will generally mean continuing to work with the federal government to see transfer of its surplus lands to the City.” “We have some long term leases with Transport Canada on some properties,” highlighted O’Shaughnessy. “We’re trying to get those long term leases for the harbour.” hanche, en décembre 2014, 90 %des patients avaient subi cette intervention dans le délai cible de six mois, comparativement à 72 % deux ans auparavant. Tous les chirurgiens et médecins de soins primaires de la région de Champlain utilisent maintenant un for- mulaire normalisé d’aiguillage pour diriger les patients vers le programme d’admission centralisée. Chaque patient reçoit un numéro dans le système de suivi et, dans le mois qui suit l’aiguillage, les patients sont vus au centre d’évaluation le plus proche de leur domicile. Les centres d’évaluation sont situés à l’Hôpi- tal communautaire de Cornwall, à l’Hôpital Montfort et à l’Hôpital Queensway Carleton. Maureen Sly-Havey, responsable du pro- jet à l’échelon r égional, explique qu’environ 40 % de toutes les personnes évaluées n’ont en fait pas à subir d’intervention chirur- gicale. Par le passé, ces patients auraient attendu à peu près un an avant d’apprendre qu›on ne pouvait pas les opérer.

A project that had been labelled as a vital part of Cornwall’s development seems to have been shelved following the folding of The Renaissance Group. Originally an-

nounced in 2012, the project was aimed at transforming the still-standing Cor- nwall Harbour into something entirely different: a tourist attraction that could rival those of Kings- ton and Brockville. But one look at the Cornwall Harbor and one can see that no

nwall Harbour will be similarly beneficial in creating employment opportunities,” stated the booklet.The local lofts projects as well as a variety of other initiatives will be able to feature the Har- bour as an excellent local attraction that will make their offe- rings more appealing

In the city’s official Waterfront Plan 2007, an entry on page 31, under the subtitle Constraints to Development, states that “Land ownership is fairly complicated in this area. The City of Cornwall does not own any land in the harbour area. Sections of the land are owned privately or by federal government agencies.”

Accès plus rapide pour les patients: Champlain

changes have concretely been made. The giant grey and blue building, nicknamed “tin shed”, is still present and is still being used as storage. Currently leased as a storage and warehousing facility, the sizeable building measures over 45,000 square feet and was opened in 1967. At first it welcomed tall ships as well as Navy Frigates, but now only opens its doors to a limited amount of traffic, as the loss of industry along the St. Lawrence River has

to costumers and gather more investments.” But Cornwall mayor Leslie O’Shaugh- nessy believed that the whole idea of the transformation of the Harbour was more of a vision than a plan. “Renaissance Group brought a vision for the future,” he said. “It will take time. We currently have no control over the land, but themunicipal planning is working with Transport Canada.” A kind of public-private partnership It was announced early in the conception

Spring Sizzler écourté d’un jour Suivant l’arrivée tardive du printemps, le Cornwall Motor Speedway a décidé d’écourter l’événement Spring Sizzler. Celui-ci devait avoir une durée de deux jours. Après consultation avec l’ancien pro- priétaire Ron Morin, les promoteurs ont convenu que désormais, l’événement ne durerait qu’une seule journée. Les conditions de piste actuelles ne permettraient pas d’avoir deux jours d’activités intensives et pourraient causer des bris majeurs ainsi que nuire à la sécurité de certains pilotes. – Francis Racine Broken broom handle used as weapon A Cornwall youth will have time to think about what he did, after he was taken into custody, fol- lowing a violent incident. The 14-year-old was arrested on April 27 and charged with assault with a weapon. It is alleged that, on the same day, the youth attempted to strike his mother with a broom handle that he broke. Police were contacted and took the youth into custody. He was charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing. His name was not released as per provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. – Francis Racine

Ne laissez pas l’été passer!

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3 rallonges - Couche 10 - Auvent électriques


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Tous les versements aux deux semaines sont sans aucun dépôt et incluent taxes and frais (sur approbation de crédit). Consulter votre concessionnaire pour plus de détails.

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