Orange County Insight February 2023

February Employee Anniversary Report Thank you for your dedication to Orange County and it ’ s citizens. Below you will find a list of employees who celebrate an employment anniversary in February. Each employee is listed with their years of service and what department they are housed in.

23 years, Gail Lloyd, Office on Youth

18 years, Brad Darnell, Sheriff ’ s Office

18 years, Robert Kelley, Sheriff ’ s Office

16 years, Nathan Mort, Fire & EMS

11 years, Randy Clatterbuck, Public Works

8 years, Michael Broyles, Sheriff ’ s Office

7 years, Martin Williams, Public Works

7 years, Bernice Washington, Social Services

5 years, Joshua Sparks, Sheriff ’ s Office

5 years, Louis Gipson, Public Works

5 years, Kerri Skinner, Social Services

5 years, Anna Zummo, Circuit Court

3 years, Vernitha Fearon, Social Services

3 years, Valencia Bowman, Sheriff ’ s Office

2 years, Raymond Wareham, Pubic Works

2 years, Nicholas Brown, Fire & EMS

2 years, Jessica Caudill, Fire & EMS

2 years, Walker Merryman, Information Technology

2 years, Christian Amos, Sheriff ’ s Office

2 years, Jenny Carpenter, Human Resources

1 year, Lana Grant, Library

1 year, Regan McKay, Economic Development

1 year, Robert Fisher, Emergency Communications Center

1 year, Karen Williams, Office on Youth

1 year, Dale Rose, Public Works

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