Orange County Insight February 2023

In January, Communications Training Officer (CTO) Abbe Smithson completed her General Instructor Certification. Smithson is currently a CTO at the Orange County Emergency Communications Center. Emergency Communications Center Employees Complete Certifications By: Orange County Communications Department

The General Instructor certification is a state level certification created by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). This course had 40 hours of instruction and was taught at the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy in Fredericksburg, Virginia. With this certification, the recipient can teach state - approved courses at the Criminal Justice Academy and within Orange County. Having a cadre of instructors allows Orange County to teach courses in - house. Orange is proud to have five (5) full time and one (1) part time staff as general instructors.

Jeremy Brown was also certified as a General Instructor. Orange County has two (2) General Instructor Instructors, which means they can teach General Instructor students. In order to teach the General Instructor course, instructors must go through the process and be selected, not everyone is able to teach the course because there are many components and parts to teach. Since Orange County has two (2) on staff, they can assist with teaching the course. Due to the numerous parts and requirements in the General Instructor course, it is one of the few classes that can not be taught at your agency. DCJS is looking to make required continuing education mandatory for dispatchers every year and by having general instructors on staff, the Orange County Emergency Communications Center will be able to provide quality training for all staff members so they do not have to go to the academy for this training. Pictured Left to Right: Training Coordinator Holly Williams, CTO Abbe Smithson, and Supervisor Jeremy Brown

Congratulations to CTO Abbe Smithson and Supervisor Jeremy Brown!

For more information about the Emergency Communications Center, contact Chris Cord, Emergency Communications Center Director, at

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