Herrman & Herrman - December 2019

december 2019

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Rounding Out a Great 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, I can look back on the year knowing we made a difference in many people’s lives. From our clients to the community, everyone at Herrman & Herrman worked hard to make a difference. They poured their hearts into their work and ended the year on a high note. As you may know, Herrman & Herrman sponsored many great events this year from El Mercado at Fiesta de la Flor in April to the Día de los Muertos Festival in November. Every year, more and more people join these community events. The Día de los Muertos Festival in Corpus Christi had a great turnout, and it was fun to spend time with everyone. We also have received many great submissions for our annual college scholarship program. Now in its fifth year, we’ve had more entries than ever before, which means we have a lot of reading to do! While submissions closed on Dec. 1, we encourage current students to be on the lookout for next year’s scholarship, which we’ll be unveiling in the coming months. For now, we’re already hard at work reading through the essays. We’ll be awarding scholarships to both local students as well as students around the U.S. We also have prizes specifically for teachers. We should have winners selected by the end of December, but you can watch our social media channels, including Facebook at Facebook.com/HerrmanAndHerrmanpllc . We’ll also include details of the winner in a future edition of the newsletter. We also hit over 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube page — YouTube.com/user/HerrmanAndHerrmanLaw . While that might not necessarily sound like a lot by YouTube standards, it’s actually a great accomplishment. While many YouTube personalities have countless followers, when it comes to law firms, people don’t

usually rush out to subscribe, believe it or not. It takes a lot of hard work on the part of our team to get these videos made and posted online. I’m proud of everyone who made our YouTube channel possible, and I thank all the viewers and subscribers. If you haven’t visited our YouTube page yet, I encourage you to check it out. We use our channel to share informative videos that answer many legal questions. If you have a legal question, there’s a good chance we’ve touched on it on one of our 100-plus videos. Of course, a video can’t substitute the knowledge and insight of an experienced attorney, but it’s a great place to start. As this year comes to an end, we look forward to celebrating the holidays with the community. We will be rounding out the year collecting toys for our Toys for Tots campaign. You can find more information about this on our Facebook page. It’s another great way to give back to the community and ensure underprivileged kids get the gifts they truly do deserve.

From all of us at Herrman & Herrman, we wish you the best this holiday season, and here’s to a happy New Year!

-Greg Herrman




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