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3 Fun Soup Facts in Honor of National Soup Month

Kenya, that means using what the land provides — including bananas, coffee, and dirt. Apparently, this specialty ingredient adds an earthy and salty flavor to the broth. Despite the many varieties, chicken noodle soup continues to be the frontrunner in popularity in the U.S. So go ahead — put a pot of soup on the stove, let it simmer, and enjoy. Grilled cheese on the side is optional, but highly recommended.

Hot or cold, thick or creamy, breakfast or dessert — soup is found in every culture, as it’s both easy to make and delicious. Considering how January makes us want to curl up next to the fireplace with a good book and something to warm our hands (and bellies), it’s fitting that it’s National Soup Month. Check out these three fun facts about the classic dish. EXTRA, EXTRA! CAMPBELL’S TAKES THE MEDAL It was the turn of the century, and the Paris World Exposition celebrated innovations in front of an international audience. During this 1900 event, Campbell’s earned worldwide fame. The company was awarded a gold medal, the icon of which has graced the Campbell’s soup label ever since.

SEINFELD’S ‘NO SOUP FOR YOU’ EPISODEWAS BASED ON A REAL PERSON The infamous Seinfeld character who refuses service to unworthy patrons is based on a New York chef who, like his character, made famously delicious soups. Also like his character, the real- life chef was dramatic toward customers. “You had to order your soup correctly or he would kick you out of line and say, ‘No soup for you!’” says Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten. In a case of life imitating art, a year after the episode aired, Jerry Seinfeld visited the chef ’s restaurant, only to be told, “No soup for you!” ANYTHING GOES IN SOUP FOR THE CHAGGATRIBE Soup is dynamic because it allows you to make the most of any ingredients you have on hand. For a tribe living at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in


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