Sales Manager - AKJ

AKJ Hedge Fund Platform offers everything you need to run a fund with minimal distractions – both when you’re putting the fund together and when it’s operational: • An embedded legal and regulatory structure, tailored for an ever-changing environment • An established brokerage, systems, and trading infrastructure at costs that put no limits on performance • Tier-one partners, an expert team, and the global expertise to cover everything from trading to back office, to legal and compliance AKJ Hedge Fund Platform is designed to manage every aspect of your fund enabling you to focus on your investors and your performance, leaving all the hassles to us. As you succeed and grow, it lets you develop your fund with maximum flexibility.

AKJ Crypto provides all components necessary for the set up and day-to-day operation of a regulated, tier-one hedge fund trading digital assets: • A legal and regulatory solution with an infrastructure designed to appeal to institutional grade investors • A unified portal for secure, multi-exchange trading and settlement allowing efficient management of digital assets • An in-house capital allocation program - AKJ Digital Assets FoF - investing in qualifying funds on the platform • A dedicated and installed team of hedge fund specialists as your support- and backoffice staff • Aggregated platform pricing from tier-one providers • Discretionary participation in the platform security token - AKJ Token - for additional utilities Together, these components allow a front-to-back, tier-one solution for crypto hedge fund managers.

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