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ROSEMARY DAWSON A published author, a psychic medium, public speaker, relationship counsellor, a high school teacher and a dream therapist, Rosemary Dawson shows how possible it is to overcome any obstacles through mental power in her books “Veritas” and “Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher”.


$ 11.95 Paperback $ 16.95 Hardback $ 9.99 eBook

AboyfromthedustofOklahomadiscovershehasthemindofanuclearpowerenginerandrapidlymovesthroughtheNavyrankstohelpdevelop,coor- dinate,andoperateU.S.misileandaƩacksubmarinesduringtheconstantenemythreatsoftheColdWarera. Thisnavalhero’smemoirincludesthe1950sremarkablesagaofthefirstsubmarinetobreakthroughArcƟcwinterice.AlbertKelnbecomes“thefirst persontoeverhaveflownover,stoodupon,andgoneundertheiceattheNorthPole.” KelnisChiefEnginerofthelargestnuclearaircraŌcarier,USEnterprise,asitcircumventstheworld.HelatercommandsthenuclearsubmarineUS Ray,folowedbymajorstrategicresponsibilityinthePentagonattheAdmirallevel.




$ 14.95 Paperback $ 18.99 Hardback $ 9.99 eBook

Inthisconfesionalmemoir,CecilyWatsonKelnleavesherchildhoodhometofaceawomanhoodfraughtwithstruglestofindloveandsecurity.Divorces, rejecƟon,anddespairtrytoknockherdown.Butherownresiliencekepsherfulofhope.


BecomingtheAdmiral'sWife isabeauƟfultesƟmonyoftheauthor'ssearchtoknowGod,andhowsheeventualyfindsHimandHishealingpowerand loveinseveraldramaƟcencounterswithJesusChrist. ByGod'smercyandgrace,sheulƟmatelymetsthelovingChrisƟanmanwhobecomesherhusband.Thebook,whichincludesexcerptsoftheAdmiral’s ownmemoir,ilustratesthepowerofaChrist-centeredmariageandinspiresotherstofindmeaningandpurposefortheirownlives.

VolumeI:TheNightCrawlerProtocol Whenthemostrecentoutbreakofhumanvampirism ocuredinthenarowoasisofNewMexico'slowerRio GrandeValey,theterifyingoraltradiƟonthathadben pasedonformorethanfourcenturieshadyetagainben sadlyreconfirmed.Everytwodecadesorso,oneormore bloodthirstyghoulswouldappearthatwouldpreyuponthe unsuspecƟngandcompletelyvulnerablemembersofNew Mexico'ssmalbutharmoniousandƟghtlyknitcommunity thathadlongbenanadmixtureofFirstAmerican, Hispanic,andAngloresidents. Asayoungcurandera,LorenaPastorewasonlytwenty-five yearsoldwhenthelastoutbreakocured,andshe rememberedthedevastaƟonandshockinghororthathad rapidlyspreadthroughoutherbelovedcommunityatthat Ɵme.Shehaderoneouslypredictedthatshewouldbewel intohermiddleyearsoflifewhenthenextoutbreakwould beanƟcipatedtoonceagainrearitsuglyhead.Sadly,that wasnottobethecase.Forsomeinexplicablereason,aŌer onlyabriefremisionofaliƩlemorethanaseven-year hiatus,themalignantdiseaseofhumanvampirism had benreincarnated.ThisƟme,thevampirooutbreakwas desƟnedtoappearonLorenaPastore'sveryowndoorstep.

$ 17.99 Paperback

$ 25.99 Hardback

VolumeI:TheObsidianKnife Whenthelastoutbreakofhumanvampirismocuredinthe narowoasisofNewMexico'slowerRioGrandeValey,the oraltradiƟonthathadbenpasedonforcenturieshadyet againbensadlyreconfirmed.Everytwodecadesorso,one ormorebloodthirstyghoulsappearsandpreysuponthe vulnerablemembersofthissmalbutƟghtlyknitcommunity. Asayoungcurandera,orhealer,LorenaPastorewasonly twenty-fiveyearsoldwhenthelastoutbreakocured,and sherememberstheshockinghororthatspreadthroughout herbelovedcommunityattheƟme.Sheeroneously predictedthatshewouldbewelintohermiddleyearsoflife forthenextoutbreak,butsadly,thatisnotthecase. AŌerafoolishmancommitsanegregiousviolaƟonduringa spiritualcleansingritual,thesevenyearsofpeaceis shaƩered.Themalignantdiseaseofhumanvampirism is re-incarnated,andLorenaisforcedtofle acros the Mexicanborderwithafive-year-oldinperil.Nathan'sfather isbecomingalethalvampire,andtheboyisnowhunted—as isLorenaasshetakesthechildintohercareandfightsthe outbreakdesƟnedtodestroyherhomeandpeople.

$ 18.99 Paperback

$ 27.99 Hardback


VolumeII:BrotherhoodoftheBat WhenaNavajotenissearchingforlosttreasuresonaplateaunorthof ChacoCanyon,hediscoversanarƟfactthatinfectshimwiththevirusrespon- sibleforhumanvampirism.AteamofarchaeologistsinvesƟgatesthecircum- stancesofwhatocured,andunfortunately,theNavajoscienƟst,Dr.Zacha- ryHawk,becomesinfectedwiththedeadlymalady.Toescapethewrathof thegovernment'sNightCrawlerProtocol,Hawkandacoleaguefle to MexicotoavoidasancƟonedexecuƟon.WhenHawkundergoesaviolent transformaƟontobecomeahumanvampire,hejoinsforceswithabandof ruthleschildrenafflictedwiththesamediseasewhoareterorizingthe communityofSantaSangre. BlakeBarkerconƟnueshisquesttofindhiskidnappedchildinMexicoand BlakegarnishestheenmityoftheMexicandrugcartelsekingtocapturea vampirefortheirownnefariouspurposes.Sadly,Blakecontractsa life-threateningmalignancywhichmayleadtohisprematuredemise.Wil Blakeeverfindhismisingson? RemnantsoftheUnitedStatesArmybio-weaponteamwhichincludestwo vampiresandtwomercenarysoldiersarereunitedtorescueanAmerican colonelamongstotherswhoareheldasprisonersofwarinMexicobythe drugcartel.TheirperilousinterdicƟonintoaforeigncountrywilnodoubt resultinviolentmayhem. LorenaPastoreisnowthereigningquenofthelastoftheMayaraceliving intheYucatan.ManyoftheMayanarepoliƟcalrefugeswhoescapedthe fourdecadelongcivilwarinGuatemala.Lorenaauthorizesaraidingpartyto captureaparamilitarywarlordwhohasseveralvampirebodyguards.This warcriminalwasinvolvedintheorchestratedgenocideofMayanpeopleand hemustnowbebroughttojusƟce. TheBrotherhoodoftheBatisthethirdandfinalinstalmentintheVAMPIRO TRILOGYwherevariousindividualsandfacƟonsarebroughttogethertoface anunknownulƟmatefate!

$ 22.99 Paperback

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Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle gives God’s plan for unplanned pregnancies as it shares encour- aging true stories of the joys adoptive couples have found in adoption. Young, unmarried, single women who have found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy are also encouraged with the truth that these couples love them unconditionally over all the years to come. The baby is welcomed, of course, but not more so than the birth mom. The adoptive couples enter the adoption in a covenanted relationship, just as God expects from the couple in their marriage. Because of the covenant, the birth mom finds their couple and loves them as well as her baby.

$8.99 ● Paperback ● 9781648956423 $2.99 ● eBook ● 9781648956430 174 pages

Doris Howe is a missionary with Youth with AMission. Her mission field is in Tyler, Texas at Loving Alternative Adoption Agency. She has been an adoption caseworker for over 24 years. Her main task is to minister to young women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. She is to love them, educate them, and pray with them. God’s ultimate call for Doris is to introduce these young women to Jesus Christ who is there to help change their lives. An adoption may or may not be part of that relationship. Doris has two books published. One is calledAdop - tion Joys they expected a miracle. The other is a family book called The Shaws Multiplied.

$6.99 ● Paperback ● 9781648954887 $2.99 ● eBook ● 9781648954894 104 pages

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Evangeline Evershine is a bright and curious young girl who wonders where the sun disappears to every night and how it reappears every morning. So she and her father, who fortunately is an astro- naut, blast off in a spaceship deep into space to investigate and to follow the sun’s travels. What they discover is both amazing and simple. Evangeline learns a great deal about the sun, the earth, and space. The story of Evangeline arouses curiosity about heavenly bodies and provides rewards with fascinating information about space.

$14.95 ∙ Paperback ∙ 9781662408571 $9.99 ∙ eBook ∙ 9781662408588 32 pages


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After fifty years of meditating, Ann Spier discovered her inner thoughts sometimes came in the shape of poetry. She had always loved poetry, from Rumi to Mary Oliver, but she didn’t trust herself to write it. How does one learn to playwith these beautiful words? Then it just happened. Tenuously at first, then, with encouragement from others, she became braver. RANDOM THOUGHTS is not only the bits and pieces of a spiritual journey, but also an intimate gaze into the heart and soul of a human being who knows there are no answers, only love.

$6.99 ● Paperback ● 9781648954887 $2.99 ● eBook ● 9781648954894 104 pages


T WAS RAINING CATS AND DOGS THE VERY MOMENT we’re finalizing this issue that I ultimately realized how limited our life here on earth is. We struggled to live each day and surviving to make ends meet. We built in life to last and to stand up. Our issue today is about standing up and giving you a peek especially when the most talked about topic of Suicide. Our April edition as well includes for the first time a Fashion editorial that sparks inspiration on the new season that’s coming. We gathered wishlist you can make sure to have your wardrobe a time for its update and some trending outfits you don’t want to miss. We’ve highlighted this issue different cocktails you can have at home—make it elegant please for you know, Instagram update. We also roll down museums you can visit this year as you want to travel the world with ease restrictions. Speaking of travel, our bespoke travel features spells Brazil and India, we take you to their culture and how we can explore them in maximum. For those film fanatics, we rounded up Netflix recommendations for those days you wanted to just, you know, cliche as it may sounds—Netflix and Chill—but it helps your pacing. We also have given short reviews of the movies released last year and event this year. There’s a lot more interesting in this issue—please make sure to read thoroughly with those ads as it also gives you an idea on your next good read. As you see, while we are facing different obstacles in life, we look for aspirations or inspirations for our life. These are important to give us a peek on how we can live life to the fullest. Though one thing is for sure, we are strong enough for the battlefield we have entered, we are of course, built for life. I Built forLife



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TheGreatBarierBeachFieldGuideisthe resultofseveralyearsofbeachsurveysof theNortheastcoast,LongIsland,NewYork, New Jersey,New England,and the coastlineofNorthandSouthCarolina.“In itsnaturalstate,thebarierbeachisa fascinatingmixtureofopposites:highand lowelevations,wetanddry,hotandcold, sterile and fertile, windblown and sheltered.”Itisthecombinationofthese factorsthat,withastripoflandvaryingin widthfrom afewthousandfeettoafew hundredorles,haveproducedseveral distinct zones of flora distribution. Considering the mixture of abiotic elementsofthevariouszones,theflora thatoccupyazonemustbegeneticaly equippedtoadaptorbereplacedbya geneticaly equipped species. The environmentisthe selecting agent;it determines and selects the most geneticaly equipped to survive and perpetuate. -AnthonyS.Minardi

A special beauty and fashion trends just right for you. From everything face to bags, and even manicures, it’s a sure hit. TRENDS


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

Another award-winning Kobee Manatee® hardcover picture book! Kobee and his friends swim from the Cayman Islands to Belize to help Kobee’s cousin Quinn with her new underwater all-veggie bistro. On their Caribbean journey to Quinn’s Seagrass Café, Kobee Manatee and his seafaring pals encounter the harm- ful effects of climate change and plastic pollution, along with several other unforeseen problems. They discover a distressed sea turtle, a giant Portuguese man-of-war, and a venomous scorpionfish. Then the friends discover the amazing Great Blue Hole. Their adventure takes another surprising turn when Pablo plunges into its huge abyss! Can Kobee and his buddies save Pablo?

To learn more about the Kobee Manatee® series, visit


$17.99 ● Hardback ● 9780997123999 $7.99 ● eBook 32 pages


BEAUTY NEWS What’s in and up with our wrap up of everything beauty.

LET THERE BE GLOW Brighter days are here to stay! The Lit Kit is a curated set of four dermatologist-tested products that helps maintain the results of your Luminisce brightening treatments, resulting in glowing skin every day. The Lit Cleanser, Toner, and Cream each contain Rumex Occidentalis Extract and Vitamin C. At every step of your routine, this powerhouse duo works to reduce melanin production and promote an even skin tone without drying or damaging the skin layer. Have dark spots and blemishes? Finish off with the Aventurine Cream, a spot corrector with top brightening actives retinol and hydroquinon.

PLUMP AND VIBRANT Lipstick is an iconic, feminine, and timeless make-up essential with the ability to transform your look and mood. Sisley- Paris lipsticks not only beautifully enhance the lips, they nourish them day after day with hydrating plant-based ingredients. Preserve the beauty of the fragile lip area with a lip contour skin care product. As a final touch, choose a lip pencil for a perfectly defined mouth.

SCENT THAT LINGERS Inspiration: The uninhibited Good girl gone Bad finds herself in a luscious floral whirlwind in the garden of good and evil. Fragrance story: Half-innocent, half- voluptuous, the apricot-tinged osmanthus absolute, orange blossom and rose of May absolute that open the fragrance are beholden by the ultimate temptress: an explosion of the three-sirens of flowers: tuberose absolute, jasmine and narcissus.


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

Faithwalk:AWalkfromDarknestoLight isan inspiringstoryofspiritual,emoƟonal,and intelectualstruglesthattheauthorencounters whiledevelopingastrongrelaƟonshipwithGod. Thestoryhighlightiswhenshemetsand befriendsGregoryOliver,aninmateservinga walkingdeathsentenceinprison.Theirstoryis complexwithsomuchtobetold.Theirlifeand lovestoryareoneofakind.They’vehurdled manychalengesalongtheirwayandcomeout victoriousastheymoveforward,leavingthe darknesoftheirsituaƟontothelightofvictory.


$ 20.99 Paperback


WE TOTALLY UNDERSTAND IF you’re not on-board with it—tons of factors such as your job and even just plain preference can keep you from committing to those extra inches. But who said nail length has anything to do with all the fun looks you can create? That said, short nails shouldn’t get in the way of you getting playful and bold with your looks—in fact, it may just be the sunshine that you need! CHERRIES JUBILEE For an extra sweet look, paint some cherries over a nude base and watch your nails be the cherry on top of your OOTD! If you don’t have a dotting tool at home, a cotton bud can deliver the same effect—just make sure you don’t press too hard and risk getting cotton stuck onto your nails!

GLITTER AND GLAM The easiest way to make your nails look dazzling is by painting it in eye-catching glitter! For this look, we recommend using holographic glitter since it’ll give you a different vibe depending on how the light hits your fingertips.

RETRO CHIC Don’t these colorful circles remind you of vivid, retro prints? Designs like these are super easy to recreate at home and are versatile enough to work with any color palette, which makes it a perfect go-to nail look!

SIMPLE BOUQUET For the more dainty girls, a simple multicolored look with one or two statement nails would work wonders, such as adorable flowers on the pointer and middle fingers. Opt to create blooms in the same or similar hues as your other nails to keep the look tied together.

CONFETTI Got some left over art supplies? Use them on your nails! Grab some glitter confetti in multiple shapes to create a nail look that calls for a celebration. The great thing about this design is that you can pair any random colors or shapes together and it’ll still look super cute!

NAILED IT It’s no secret that the perfect manicure can elevate any look. The thing is, when you search up nail art inspiration online, you’ll probably be faced with pictures of thousands of celebrities and influencers donning the acrylic nails trend.


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They say carry only what’s necessary and leave the rest behind: these mini bags are made popular in the fashion world and have crossed the whole world. 1. JACQUEMUS’ LE CHIQUITO First launched as part of the SS18 collection, Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito bag led the mini accessory trend. Reimagined for SS22 in this fresh white hue, the leather design is simply punctuated with gold-tone logo lettering, allowing the recognisable silhouette to take the focus. 2. LOEWE BAG The Puzzle bag is the debut bag for LOEWE by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson. A cuboid shape and precise cutting technique create Puzzle’s distinctive geometric lines. This small version is crafted in classic calfskin. 3. GUCCINMARMONT MATELASSÉ The small GG Marmont chain shoulder bag has a softly structured shape and an oversized flap closure with Double G hardware. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and a top handle bag. Made in matelassé chevron leather with a heart on the back. Black matelassé chevron leather with a heart. Antique gold-toned hardware. 4. DIOR MICROBAGS The shapes of the House’s iconic bags are reinvented in a series of miniature versions, exalting their graphic lines in new dimensions. These enchanting micro- bags finish any silhouette with a touch of contemporary daring. 5. DUNHILL BODY BAG Amodern icon that continues to evolve, the Lock Bag was first introduced on the AW20 runway. This Lock Belt Bag is engineered from black leather with a lock mechanism in AD brass. The design of the lock references a 1960s archival attaché case. The bag has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, one main compartment with a gusseted pocket, and two card slots.








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Get ready to be fully drenched as it rains inspiration in the next few pages of curated lists of trendy fashion items that are in and hot this season!

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THAT GOLDEN MOMENT Make every moment count with everything gold. After all, everything that sparkles is gold. It’s so ready for that dinner daze date you’re waiting.

Celine Earrings

Chloé Necklace

Jill Sander Outfits

Gucci Reversible Wool Cape

Jill Sander Sandals


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022


TAKE IT EASY With another year of athleisure ahead of us, kicks and sporty outfits are here to stay. Update your daily look with these myriad recommendations we got for your look this season and on to the next.

Jimmy Choo Cosmos Sneakers

Dolce & Gabanna Women’s Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Slip-on Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Cobra Sneakers

Christian Dior Outfit

Hermès Men’s Sneakers

Balmain Men’s Sneakers

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Nightlight is a personal and professional story of Cara Lee Barker. She wrote her expe- riences of struggles, pains, and heartbreaks and how she navigated from them. As she experienced the toughest times, discovering and using our own voices and being the best of ourselves are some of the powerful principles that Cara laid down to transcend from our everyday earthly battles. As Cara had experienced loss, trauma, and grief—makes this book is relevant to readers experiencing the same heartbreaks and life’s hardest adversi- ties. Living your life, and finding your way is the truest intent of this experiential therapy book.

This book is NOT for those who love listening to whining, victim stories, and toxicity. This is for those who are lovers and seekers, those who experience this life as a beautiful journey in times of both happiness and pain, those who wish accompaniment, and those who honor true stories for the guidance they provide, for we each are natural storytellers, after all, as have been our people from the beginning of time.

$24.99 ● Paperback ● 9781956649215 $2.99 ● eBook 352 pages


COLORME THIS The sweater is adorned with a zebra print that embodies the collection’s colorful pop inspiration. Crafted in bright blue and pink double-sided technical cashmere, it is distinguished by a loose fit with a round neck and ribbed finishes. The modern sweater will lend a colorful touch to any casual look.

Dior Tribales Wedding Earrings

MissDior B1U Pink Butterfly Sunglasses

Micro Lady Dior Bag

Dior Genesis Ankle Boot

EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022 26


Astaple of the Dior silhouette, the mid-length skirt is adorned with the D-Tiger Pop print that embodies the collection’s colorful pop universe. Crafted in pink cotton poplin, it features a flared silhouette and thin waistband. The skirt can be worn with the matching blouse to complete the look.

Caro Belt

Large Dior Book Tote

La Parisienne Ballerina Flat

EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022 27


DOMINANT HUES The most uplifiting offering from resort 2022 was the range of jewel and bright tones on display—saturated yellow and cerulean are particulary effecting in boosting our good mood. Here’s what we got.

Alexander Mcqueen Soft Curve bag


The Attico sandals

Tods Jacket

Moschino Outfit


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

Oscar dela Renta Earrings


Prade Cleo Bag

Courreges Resort

Victoria Beckham blouse

Proenza Schouler outfit


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022


PLATFORM STOMP Stomping their way down the runway, platform pumps are back and prettier than ever. This 1990s redux is a perfect metaphor for post pandemic fashion— ready to make a bold statement and ready to go out to the world again.

YSL boots

Bally Pump

Nodaleto Pump

Versace Pump

Roger Vivier Pumps

Valentino Pump

Vivienne Westwood Pump


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202 pages

$ 14.99 Paperback


$ 24.99 Hardback


This book is dedicated to all those heroes and heroines who have seen and will see life as a daring adventure to be given in the name of service to humanity, to justice and to freedom. We know a few of them, but many others are lost among the nameless crowd. Albert Camus and Martin Luther King Jr are two first class role models who lived out their passion for justice and freedom. Today, they are among the heroes who are well remembered around the world. The following words seem appropriate to reflect what they stood for: “For all who have sought to make a difference in the lives of men by their service and life, and to lighten the dark places of the earth” (Source: inscription on the wall of the Civil Rights Museum, 16th street, Birmingham, Alabama, USA) (Author unknown).

On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation

— Carl E. Moyler



MOVIE REVIEWS Movies are back in cinemas, and if you’re up for it, it might be worth checking them out! Although it’s still early in 2022, a number of early Oscar hopefuls and real crime thrillers have already piqued the interest of millions.

INEMACAN HELP YOU in making sense of our ever- changing reality. Audiences absorb fresh perspectives

on the world through the lens of a filmmaker, which might feel more relevant now, in this third year of wondering what normal even means. Here are our reviews for the top 3 finest films of 2022 so far:

TURNING RED Domee Shi explores the story of a 13-year- old fangirl going through an extreme version of puberty while simultaneously dealing with familial pressures in her debut film after her Oscar-winning short, Bao. The girl, Mei, had been plagued by a curse that had been passed down through the generations of women in her family. She becomes a red panda when she loses her calm. It’s a joy to follow Mei as she discovers her inner red panda and realizes that the red beast won’t take over if she maintains a cool and collected exterior devoid of emotions with a little support from her friends. Who knows, she might even be able to live a regular life and have some fun in the process. But when you’re a teen girl identified by your erratic mood swings and the time you spend with your similarly erratic group of friends,

THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD When one’s youth begins to eventually fade away due to society’s harsh standards, there is a restlessness that builds within. The pressure to become, to achieve, to fall in love forever, all to prove you’ve got something to show for your earthbound time, settles in as you perform the demanding charade of adulthood, with your twenties now completed and your thirties ticking down. Recognizing that a person’s coming-of-age can last well beyond high school, Norwegian director Joachim Trier offers a frank portrait of an Oslo free spirit in her 30s. The film is both an in-depth character study and an unconventional rom-com, with the focus on Julie’s (an amazing Renate Reinsve) bold, impetuous style of navigating the world.

THE BATMAN Since the announcement of Robert Pattinson’s role as Batman, fans and journalists have been wondering what fresh ideas the superhero franchise may possibly explore. However, filmmaker Matt Reeves’ brutal noir take on the story, which has a hero who is just a hair’s breadth away from becoming a villain, proves to be a refreshing take on the story, as well as a reflection of our contemporary political situation. Reeves has created a film that is both ethereal and hefty, substantial but impressionistic, thanks to his collaboration with top-notch artists and craftspeople. that’s easier said than done.The film presents the classic Pixar magic in a new light, managing to be both universal and specific at the same time.


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022


THE PUPPET MASTER: HUNTING THE ULTIMATE CONMAN (2022-) Limited Series Documentary, Crime A ruthless scam artist posing as a British agent manipulates and takes from his victims, destroying families in the process.

ARCHIVE 81 (2022-) Season 1 Drama, Horror, Mystery An archivist accepts a job restoring damaged videotapes, only to become entangled in a mystery involving the director’s disappearance and the mysterious cult they were chronicling.

THE WOMAN IN THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW (2022- ) Season 1 Comedy, Drama Mystery Heartbroken Anna sets her sights on a handsome new neighbor as she watches the world go by from her living room window, until she witnesses a terrible murder.

NETFLIX AND CHILL This month’s issue we have listed new Netflix originals for that Netflix and chill episodes at home or wherever you are. There are a slew of new movies and shows to look forward to, so let’s get started on what’s coming up shortly.

THE JOURNALIST (2022-) Season 1 Drama A reporter for the Toto Newspaper, dubbed the “maverick of the news media,” works to reveal difficulties in modern Japanese culture.

CHOSEN (2022-) Season 1 Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

When a teen discovers the dark reality lurking in her tranquil Danish hamlet, her world is flipped upside down.


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

$ 21.83 Audiobook

$ 1.49 eBook

$ 15.99 Paperback

TheSite LondonschoolteacherCicelyDenfeldbeginstoexperiencevividanddisturbing dreamsthatinexplicablyfolowtwoAmericansshehasnevermet,Charlesand Vivian,astheyinvesƟgateasecretdocumenttakenfromagovernmentcontractor. Cicely,withthehelpofDr.McClelan,apsychiatrist,sekstounderstandthe bizaredreamsthatplagueher,discounƟngtheextenttowhichtheycould representrealevents,whileCharlesandVivianfolowaperiloustrailofhidden knowledgeanduncoverlong-withheldotherworldlysecrets.


$ 13.99 Paperback

$ 3.99 eBook



Cain’s Cycle is a fast-moving novel of love and revenge in an abandoned amusement park where a motorcycle gang resides and plays by rigid rules. As a series of events unfolds, the young man shares a glimpse into a disturbing yet tantalizing world where true love and romance complicate longstanding routines, where the actions of the motorcycle gang become increasingly violent, and where the quest for brotherhood turns into a mission for survival and revenge as a bond is put to the ultimate test.

— Bruce Hunsberger Cain’s Cycle

Molecules may not take time to consider their purpose in the universe, but when they combine into systems like us, the thoughts that arise in our minds have struc- tures akin to the matter that makes them. Now our minds, perhaps born from ac- cidental creativity, can intentionally assemble marvelous new things to better our lives and the world.

$8.99 ● Paperback ● 9781480865624 $28.95 ● Hardback ● 9781480865631 $3.99 ● eBook ● 9781480865617 108 pages

A sixteen-day journey through Tanzania showcases the beauty and hope of Africa’s remark- able population.

The perception of Africa and its people is all too often influ - enced by media highlighting sickly, frail children in desper- ate need of humanitarian aid. While these stories are, unfor- tunately, accurate to a certain degree, they do not fully rep- resent the robust, healthy, and hopeful people spread through- out the continent.

$20.00 ● Paperback ● 9781514762684 $5.49 ● eBook 92 pages

Path of the Devil: Camino del Diablo is a story of true events that occurred 1991-1996. DEA Agent Larry Hardin and two private investigators, Jeff Pearce and Randy Torgerson, were determined to bring down the Meraz organization along the southwestern border. For five years the three men spearheaded two separate, and simultaneous investigations in different locations that eventually merged. Jeff and Randy provided information to Larry to build his case when they found the Meraz’s were working with corrupt employees of their California client. The Meraz’s attempted to murder two DEA agents (1970s) and were connected to the murders of Kiki Camerena, George Montoya, Paul Seema, Jose Montoya, Dan Elkins, and Michael Crowe. Larry was determined to indict the Meraz’s.

Path of the Devil: Camino del Diablo Dianne DeMille, PhD, Larry Hardin, Jeff Pearce, Randy Torgerson

This book is also available in Spanish

$ 15.99 Paperback


$ 3.99 eBook

EliseLeach ElisewasborninTulsa,Oklahoma,andnowresidinginOcala, Floridasince2015.Sheisaprimarystudentandgoestooneof thebestmagnetschools.Shelovestocoloranddrawjustlike herDad.HerartworksatschoolhavebeenfeaturedintheFine ArtsofOcalaElementaryStudentArtShow.

Oneday,weweretalkingaboutbooksandshewantedto publishherwork.Shemadehersketchesthroughthepaperand wecreatedastorytogetherfortheloveofponyandbalet! Enjoyreadingwhilecoloring!



EliseTheUnicornBalerina: ColoringBookEdition

$ 5.99 Paperback

$ 5.99 Paperback

$ 14.99 Hardback

$ 1.99 eBook

AninspirationalbookthatisgreatforchildrenwholovesUnicornandbalet! Thebookfocusesonnevergivingupdespiteofthechalengesinlife.


42 EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022 SHABBY

You would never guess this chic townhouse is located in the heart of New York City. by Steele Marcoux photos by Annie Schlechter NACITY KNOWN FOR ITS “KING of the hill” hustle and “doesn’t sleep” pace (thank you, Frank Sinatra), not to mention that iconic panorama of densely packed skyscrapers, it’s easy to assume that cultivating a garden, baking for neighbors, hosting backyard parties, and other seemingly pastoral pursuits just aren’t possible. That is, until you visit the tree-lined, cobblestoned streets of Greenwich Village. The promise of an Arcadian oasis in the concrete jungle recently lured a writer (who prefers to remain anonymous) and her family from an I



EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022



EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

“urban-feeling” Lower East Side loft to a 19th-century town house with “a nostalgic, English country vibe. The two- story, 2,500-square-foot apartment came with a cottage-like kitchen, herringbone floors, and its own movie star lore: Legend has it that Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart once called it home. Silver screen stories aside, what really sealed the deal for the family of three was the apartment’s storybook- worthy walled Silver screen stories aside, what really sealed the deal for the family of three was the apartment’s storybook- worthy walled garden that includes magnolias, wisteria, and hydrangeas. It’s a coveted patch of quiet, where the occasional chime of church bells on the hour has a country-esque charm. Sconces and a bamboo ladder warm up more industrial shelving in this work-live space. A gallery wall of family art reinforces the thoughtful, layered approach. garden that includes magnolias, wisteria, and hydrangeas.


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After a few “antique fails”— some chairs were uncomfortable, others too fragile—repro French seating proved the right solution for the farm table from the Paris Clignancourt flea market. Antique china fills the built-in hutch in this relaxed dining room. This street-level mudroom provides a cheerful welcome thanks to mint green paint on the built-in bench and a sweet Shaker-style peg rack. In the master bedroom, a large- scale “Hydrangea” wallpaper adds graphic punch alongside floral bedding and a plaid blanket from The Great English Outdoors in Wales. In the master bedroom, a large- scale “Hydrangea” wallpaper adds graphic punch alongside floral bedding and a plaid blanket from The Great English Outdoors in Wales. The little girl’s dreamy bedroom features “Lou’s Garden” wallpaper and a dollhouse custom- built by Mom. An Anrey table and stools comprise the crafting corner. Just off the kitchen, which connects to the garden, a pair of mom- and-tot rockers are surrounded by climbing vines, weathered terra-cotta pots, and a stash of firewood that, come winter, feeds the home’s working fireplace. The family says having access to a shaded 350-square-foot outdoor space has changed their outlook on city living. The table was a Craigslist find;

the chairs are from Ikea. Courtesy of Country Living


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Since Adam and Eve left Eden, humanity has endured through long millennia of hardships and sufferings, especially death. But the hearts of their children and great grandchildren have never given up the hope that someday they could return to the place of happiness which once had been their inheritance. It is a legitimate and dignified dream. In fact, since the day Adam and Eve left, paradise has remained on earth waiting for every single human child to return.

Linhxuan Vu The Paradise Man: According to Thomas Merton (Second Edition)

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164 pages


CommonThreads beginswithtwofamilystories,oneas slavesfrom Africaandonefleeingthepotatofaminein Scotlandandhowtheundergroundrailroadbringsthem togethertoformonemulti-racialclan. Inthishistoricaltale,theyearspas andthefamiliesgrow toincludemulti-racialtwins,aseventseventualyleada newgenerationtoMisisippi,whereeveryonemustface thesorowsofprejudice.

$ 33.95 Hardback

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CommonThreadsI, thesecondbookinathree-book series,folowsthelivesofJoeandLizwhonaivelytryto establishrootsinaplacewheretheirinteracialmariage istaboo.Thisnovelnaratesthe couples’trialsand tribulationsandtheirexperienceswithracialcrueltyand death. $ 19.95 Paperback $ 29.95 Hardback $ 3.99 eBook

A lifelong interest in Abraham Lincoln coupled with the study of history, government, and politics coupled with experience in news reporting, political campaigns, politics, and government activities motivated Fred J. Martin Jr. to write his book — Abraham Lincoln’s Path to Reelection in 1864: Our Greatest Victory .

…readers of Fred Martin’s account will surely say a prayer of thankfulness not only for the practical political wisdom of Abraham Lincoln but for the divine guidance which surely helped bring him strength, wisdom, and a practical idealism which can be a guide to our current regaining of American confidence in our governmental institutions.

—Richard G. Lugar, United States Senator (Ret.)

$ 15.95 Paperback

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532 pages






EC Magazines features travel destinations of India and Brazil and an idea for your next museum date. Plus, an update from the world of travel in times of easing the pandemic. ON FOOT


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THE TRAVELER’S PARADISE: BRAZIL Brazil is home to steamy jungles, tropical savannas, wetlands, and dynamic cities, making it one of the world’s most beautiful places.

EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022 54

RAZIL, SOUTH AMERICA’S largest country, is famous for its football culture, magnificent beaches, samba, rainforests, and waterfalls. Tourists have always been enthralled by these. Come enjoy the beaches of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Alternatively, view the beautiful architectural marvels of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s financial capital. The Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest and most diverse tropical ecosystem, is located to the north. The legendary Iguazu Falls, a big and strong system of waterfalls near Argentina’s border, are also worth seeing. Brazil is a traveler’s paradise, and those who visit will be rewarded with a wealth of experiences. Here are 2 popular destinations in Brazil: SAO PAULO São Paulo and Rio are diametrically opposed. Rio is known for its sultry beaches and passionate samba. It is hot, seductive, and chaotic. Residents of Sao Paulo, the world’s seventh largest metropolis, are more frequently than not found working, partially to retain the city’s status as the world’s tenth richest city. Visitors will admire the 70 shopping malls and dozens of business hotels that dot the Brazilian modernist architectural jewels. RIO DE JANIERO Rio de Janeiro, affectionately referred to as the “Marvelous City” by locals, is a stunning sight to see. Rio de Janeiro, which was founded in 1565, has grown to become one of Brazil’s most well-known cities, and was the country’s capital until 1960. There are many famous landmarks associated with Rio, the most outstanding of which is the Christ The Redeemer statue hanging above the city. The yearly Carnival event is another notable Rio attraction. Carnival, one of the world’s largest and most bizarre celebrations, occurs right before Lent and is tolerated by the Roman Catholic Church as a get-it-all-out-of-your-system new party. B


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Rio’s natural beauty is breathtaking, with various peaks encircling its distinctive port, earning it a spot on the list of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders. Although there are dozens of historic and modern attractions across the city, it is still wise to avoid the flaws, or slums. Even yet, if you’re searching for a bit of fun and adrenaline, this city is one of the best in South America. Brazil is the fifth most- populous country on Earth and accounts for one-third of Latin America’s population. Most of the inhabitants of Brazil are concentrated along the eastern seaboard, although its capital, Brasília, is located far inland and increasing numbers of migrants are moving to the interior. Rio de Janeiro, in the eyes of many of the world, continues to be the preeminent icon of Brazil. The nation’s burgeoning cities, huge hydroelectric and industrial complexes, mines, and fertile farmlands make it one of the world’s major economies. However, Brazil struggles with extreme social inequalities, environmental degradation, intermittent financial crises, and a sometimes deadlocked political system. Brazil is unique in the Americas because, following independence from Portugal, it did not fragment into separate countries as did British and Spanish possessions in the region; rather, it retained its identity through the intervening centuries and a variety of forms of government. Because of that hegemony, the Portuguese language is universal except among Brazil’s native Indians, especially those in the more-remote reaches of the Amazon basin. At the turn of the 21st century, Brazilians marked the 500th anniversary of Portuguese contact with a mixture of public celebration and deprecation. The Brazilian landscape is immense and complex, with interspersed rivers, wetlands, mountains, and plateaus adjoining other major features and traversing the boundaries of states and regions. The cultures of the indigenous Indians, Africans, and Portuguese have together formed

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Brazil is the fifth most-populous country on Earth and accounts for one-third of Latin America’s population. to strongly influence the Brazilian Portuguese language; other Indian contributions to Brazilian culture are most apparent in the Amazon basin. African influences on the Brazilian way of life are strongest along the coast between the Northeast and Rio de Janeiro; they include traditional foods, the modern Brazilian way of life. The Portuguese culture is by far the dominant of these influences; from it Brazilians acquired their language, their main religion, and most of their customs. The Indian population is now statistically small, but Tupí-Guaraní, the language of many Brazilian Indians, continues religions, and popular music and dance, especially the samba. Commercial and cultural imports from Europe and North America have often competed with—and influenced—Brazilians’ own cultural output, and critics have argued that the nation’s cultural identity is suffering as a result. Despite numerous social and economic challenges, Brazilians continue to be exuberant and creative in their celebrations and art forms. The rapid large-scale urbanization of Brazil following World War II radically altered the lifestyle of the majority of the country’s inhabitants. In most ways, large Brazilian cities differ little from others in the Western world, but their greater degree of crowding and large volume of pedestrian traffic may in some cases compare more closely to the cities of China than of North America. EC Source: Articles are extracted from Britannica and photos courtesy of


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THE GLORY OF INDIA It is often said that India is not a country, but a continent. Stretching from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, India encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures and people.



EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022

NDIAAS A COUNTRY IS KNOWN for its unique culture, heritage, temple style, variety of rivers and wildlife. The country is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, deep Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The Indians civilization and culture inherit the tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava (The Guest is like God) from the time immemorial. India also boasts for substantially diverse physical, political and multi-lingual society and offers a lot to explore through its voluminous vivid recreation and adventure activities. Because of its diverse attractions and geographic location, India attracts a large number of tourists from all around the I

globe besides a large number of domestic tourists. India is therefore considered as an important tourist hotspot offering an array of experiences to the tourists. The intensifying influence of tourism as an economic powerhouse and its potential as a tool for regional development are indisputable. It is growing progressively and contributing immensely to the inclusive economic development of the nation at one end and employment generation for the stakeholders on the other end. On the basis of its tourism resources and attractions, tourism in India can broadly be classified into cultural and heritage tourism, eco and sustainable tourism,

religious/pilgrimage tourism, wildlife and nature-based tourism, medical tourism, leisure and beach tourism, MICE and event tourism, creative tourism, etc. Tourism development also leads to several undesired impacts over the host population and destination settings. Therefore, close tab on the tourism development efforts needed to be there by the policymakers, planners, residents and other stakeholders. If India is to appreciate the enormous tourism potential, it must position its exclusive world-class tourism products and destinations to compete for a larger share of the global tourism market. Therefore, an effort to provide new insights into


EC Magazines | L.A. Times Edition 2022


the existing body of knowledge of tourism in India on emerging consumer behaviour trends, tourism education, local food experiencescape, marketing and destination marketing/branding strategies are the vital need of the day. Tourism in India is fairly rich and diverse in terms of its attractions and resources though the body of knowledge of tourism as a discipline is relatively unexplored in terms of scholarly research. INDIAN CUISINE Indian food, not unlike any other country’s national food scene, is a vast constellation of culinary influences and traditions from all over the Asian continent. Indian cuisine is meant to be eaten socially, in groups, until everyone is fully satisfied. You will be served all your courses at once on a plate of food called a thali. A thali is a large tray that is used to serve all the foods at once. Some foods are mild, sweet and some are spicy and hot. Most dinners are served later at night since many Indians eat several smaller meals during the day. The food ranges from very simple vegetarian fare to exotic dishes layered with texture and flavor. Great care is taken in the planning and preparation of meals no matter how simple or complex. HISTORY OF INDIAN CUISINE Indian cuisine dates back over 5000 years. Each region has its own traditions, religions and culture that influence its food. Hindus tend to be vegetarian and Muslims tend to have meat dishes, although pork is forbidden. Indian food has been influenced by Mongolian, Persian and Chinese cuisine, among others. The common thread throughout the centuries remains the distinct mixing of spices that invariably give Indian cuisine its flavor and aroma.

INGREDIENTS Indian ingredients are as varied as the Indian people and the available foods of each region. Masala means spice blend.

THIS PAGE CLOCKWISE FROM TOP On a moving train, not complete with your India trip; a variety of Indian spices; A woman carries water home on her head in Jaipur. OPPOSITE PAGE FROM TOP Staples of Indian cuisine; A woman serving Pooris.


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is more popular than coffee, coconut milk, mango, guava and sugarcane juices are popular and sold in roadside stands and kiosks. If you want something salty, Jal Jeera, water and cumin, might be to your liking. POPULAR DISHES Indian cuisine makes best use of what is available, which is why each region has its own popular dishes. Dal, a lentil dish, is popular in the North. Meen Moli, a white fish curry, is loved in the South. Western Indians can’t get along without Vindaloo, a pork dish. East Indians love their sweets—one of the most popular being Chhenagaja— chhena, flour and sugar syrup. Halwa, a popular breakfast dish, consists of wheat, butter, sugar and almonds or pistachios. Indian snacks include samosas, a spicy turnover stuffed with potatoes and peas and a puffy rice, yogurt, tamarind and potato blend snack called bhel puri. Kabobs, meatballs, tandoori (clay-baked) chicken, rasam soup, and rice cakes, called idli, are popular dishes.

heavily on rice, milk and vegetables, prepared simply with yogurt, seeds and spices steamed and curried. East Indians love their sweets and use milk and other dairy products abundantly in them. DESSERTS Sweet rice pudding, similar to rice pudding in America, is called kheer. It consists of basmati rice, milk, raisins, sugar, cardamom seed and almonds. Kulfi, is an Indian ice creammade by boiling reduced milk, which is then chilled and then flavored with mango juice, rose water and sweetened with sugar. Gajar Halwa, a carrot dessert, coconut soufflé, mango mousse and Gasgase Payasam are also popular desserts. Eastern India is well known for its sweets. DRINKS Chai is a tea commonly consumed upon rising each morning. It is made by adding milk, sugar and black cardamom pods to steeped teabags. Sweet Lassi is a yogurt shake that can also be flavored with mango, a popular fruit, much like a smoothie. Ginger and lemon tea are also popular and can be used for medicinal purposes, such as indigestion. Carrot Gheer is served by adding carrot to cold milk. Alcohol is rarely consumed as it is forbidden in many Indian cultures. Tea

Certain foods use certain spice blends. For instance, birlyani masala—cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and fennel—is used for birlyani, an oven-cooked dish of rice and a vegetable, seafood or meat. Chilies, mustard seeds, gram flour, coconut and yogurt are popular ingredients in all types of Indian cuisine. Ghee, a type of clarified butter, is used for cooking, and has a toasty taste. Saffron is used to flavor and color rice dishes. Over 5,000 years you learn to use what you have and be creative with it. REGIONAL CUISINE Food choice varies north, south, east and west. Indians from the north eat flat breads like chapati and naan, while Southern Indians prefer to eat rice and coconut. The versatile coconut not only provides milk, it thickens stews, makes a chewy snack and is used in many sweet southern dishes as an ingredient or as a garnish. Western India is more cosmopolitan, but is known for its traditional spicy curries. Mumbai, formerly Bombay, at the heart of the region, is flooded with city dwellers, students and workers. They all have their traditional cuisines, but seafood and curries, hot and spicy sausages and snacks with chai tea are popular traditional fare. East Indian food relies

OPPOSITE PAGE The colorful Tiruchirappalli in India; there are a lot of Spice shops in India.


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