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2019 MARKS 15 YEARS FOR THE TRAINING ROOM! It seems like only yesterday my husband Cary and I were planning to launch our dream. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

The Past Cary and I started The Training Room in December of 2003. We were inspired by our experiences in Birmingham, Alabama at a large multiservice sports medicine facility. What we saw was a level of health care that typically was only available to elite athletes brought to the localcommunity.Thiswas the inspiration to open a facility in Cherry Hill. Cary and I both have backgrounds insports-medicineandwanted tocombine the two. Together we wanted to provide athletes and active individuals the opportunity to obtain the same high levelof trainingand rehabilitation thatprofessional athleteshaveaccess to.Over thepastdecade,wehave evolved our business away from the training franchise model and grown to a patient/athlete centric model that allows us to individualize the experience of each customer. As we grew, we transitioned both divisions to The Training Room with our fitness and sports performancedivisioncalledTTRFitness&Performance. Regardlessofourname, throughout theyearswehave maintained our mission to provide the opportunity for realchange inpeoplewhowant to improve theirhealth, their performance and their lives. Our entire team is committed to helping people get back to doing what they love. Whether that’s recovering from an injury, achievingfitnessgoalsormaximizingathleticpotential, we want to help! The Present Not in our wildest dreams… Cary and I never expected thatwewouldgrow intomultipleclinics,employsomany wonderful and inspiring team members, and impact such a large number of people from our surrounding communities. In reality what we have received is so much more than what we have provided over the past 15 years. We have made lasting friendships from our patients, customers and supporters. We’ve been motivated by patients who took care of their pain and got their lives back when they didn’t think there was hope. We have witnessed student athletes earn full scholarships to their dream schools and even make it to the professional level. We have been awe struck by many athletes overcoming devastating injuries and

persevere in trying times.Wehaveshared thesuccessof severalofourpatients inbecomingphysical therapists inspiredby theirownsports injuries.Wearegrateful to have had these experiences. The Training Room by The Numbers 4Partners –Over theyears,Caryand Ihaveaddedother members to our partnership. Kiersten Langel and Jon Herting joineduson thephysical therapyside toexpand ourability to impactmorepeople inmorecommunities. 4 locations – Cherry Hill, our flagship location is now fully integrated with our Fitness and Performance division with a recent facelift to our facility. Our Washington Township clinic recently relocated to Hurffville-Crosskeys Road and is growing rapidly. In Haddonfield, we continue to be involved in and serve our local community. And crossing the state lines, our Garnet Valley clinic is located inside Maplezone Sports Institute and deeply embedded in the crossfit and fitness communities. 14 PT’s – In 2018 we added4 new Doctors of Physical Therapy toour team,bringingus to14 full timephysical therapistsonstaff. Wehave residency trainedclinicians, certifiedstrengthandconditioningspecialists,aBoard CertifiedSpecialist inOrthopaedicsandaBoardCertified Specialist in Sports, Certified Athletic Trainers with combined 50+yearsofexperience. We’reapassionate groupwithanunrelenting focusongrowthandhelping others achieve their goals! 250,000+ treatments provided – In the past 15 years we have provided over 250,000 treatments to patients withorthopedicandsportsconditions.Wecontinue to strive to provide the most effective treatment without medications, injections and surgery. With manual techniques such as Graston, dry needling, spinal manipulation, and our latest addition of Deep Tissue LaserTherapy,wearehelpingpatientsgetoutpainand recover from injury. 10,000+ patients – We have had the opportunity to serve over 10,000 amazing patients. It is this that is

the most rewarding. We know that we would not be whereweare todaywithouteachandeveryoneof those 10,000+. The trust that our patients have given us to be part of their medical team is what keeps us striving to get better in what we do. We love the impact that we are able to make in people’s lives and the reward we get from serving them. 40 flags – The 40 flags that hang in our Cherry Hill facility represent justasmallportionof theathletes that havecome throughourprogramsand trainedunderour guidance. From Rutgers to the University of Florida to San Diego State University to the Texas Rangers, our athletesplay inmanyorganizationsacross thecountry and the world. Some have earned scholarships, some have gone pro, but many more learned life skills such as teamwork,discipline,sacrificeandgoalsetting. Our team is honored to be a part of that learning process and help athletes strive to reach their goals. The Future The future is bright forTheTraining Room. We have a lot of exciting plans for 2019 and beyond. We are adding services such as Telemedicine – online physical therapy care, online training programs, and Community Education Workshops to name a few. If we’ve learnedanythingover the last15years, it’s that we can do more. That is what drives us. We want to continually improve and find ways to better serve ourpatients,ourathletes,andourcommunities.Our team isapassionategroupwithanunrelenting focus on progress, united under one get YOU back to doing what you love. I am truly grateful for those we have encountered alongour journey.And from thebottomofmyheart, I thankyou forbeingapartofourgrowingcommunity and allowing us to be part of your life.

Eternally Grateful– Mandy Huggard, Owner of The Training Room

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