Music City Plastic Surgery - January 2019

Makeup brushes are some of the most useful tools in your cosmetic arsenal. They help you apply your makeup flawlessly to achieve your signature look. But if you don’t take the time to clean them regularly, you could be at risk for some serious skin care issues. See why you might want to consider giving those trusty bristles a good scrub. WHY DOES IT MATTER? According to a poll conducted on behalf of Anisa International, 61 percent of women who use makeup brushes clean them less than once a month or not at all. Your dirty makeup brushes are breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria and skin- irritating organisms — which you wipe across your face every time you use your brushes. In addition to the ickiness, dirty brushes are more difficult to work with. If you’re going for a light sweep of blush for your grandma’s 80th birthday party, you’re going to have trouble achieving that look with the neon pigments coating your brush from last week’s costume party. OKAY, EW. HOWDO I CLEANMY BRUSHES? There are many ways to clean your makeup brushes, but you don’t have to go out and purchase a special brush cleaner. Simply swirl the bristles in OUR MOTTO FOR 2019 MAKE LISTS, KEEP TRACK, AND DON’T BE COMPLACENT THE SECRET LIVES OF BRUSHES WHY, WHEN, AND HOW YOU SHOULD CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP TOOLS

a shallowmixture of antibacterial dish soap, olive oil, and warmwater to deep clean the brush. Be careful to avoid getting water near your brush’s ferrule, which can damage the glue that holds it together. Gently squeeze out the excess water and shape the bristles before laying your brush out to dry over a cup or on a towel. For frequent makeup users, a spray cleanser can make it easier to clean your brushes daily, but you will still need to do regular deep cleanings to keep bacteria at bay. I’M SOLD. HOWOFTEN SHOULD I CLEAN MY BRUSHES? The answer here can vary depending on the kinds of brushes you use and how often you use them. If you’re a makeup artist, cleaning your brushes after every application is recommended, but if you’re just a makeup fanatic, you may want to clean your brushes once a week. For the average makeup wearer, 1–4 cleanings per month will get the job done if you only apply light amounts of makeup. Remember that even though foundation brushes are larger, eyeshadow brushes often have the most gunk. So much of your makeup application relies on having a nice canvas, so protecting your skin from built-up oil and acne-causing bacteria is worth the fewminutes it takes to clean your brushes.

of my mind over the entire year. I do this by starting each day making a list. I love lists because they help me organize my day and they show me what I’m prioritizing. They also allow me to start my day on my terms so I don’t have to immediately jump on my email and worry about how I will get through all the tasks in front of me. This method really worked for me this past year and led our office to have some big wins. We changed up our medical record system, hired new staff, and worked on team building. I’ve been transitioning the injectables

As people all across the world prepare themselves for 2019, many are pondering resolutions they can set for the upcoming year. They might make plans to spend more time with family, lead a healthier life, or learn a new language. While I am a big proponent of goal setting, I believe that resolutions need to be evaluated every day, week, or even month rather than just at the beginning of January. Reports indicate that 80 percent of resolutions are forgotten by the end of February. While the percentage is high, I doubt this information is surprising. Anyone who frequents the gym can attest to the phenomenon that occurs from January to March: The building goes from being filled to capacity to a ghost town by the first day of spring. Over the years, I’ve noticed that frommy perspective as a business owner and family man, I can achieve my goals much easier if I keep them at the forefront

portion of my practice to our expert nurse injector Haleigh, who’s work can be seen on her spicy Instagram page of @Injectabitch. Another important win was getting our new aesthetician Katheryn up and running, who now provides services so many of our patients desire. I’ve also been consulting with other surgeons through Burgdorf Business, an entity that allows me to train and coach other surgeons on the ins and outs of running a business. It’s been a great year, and I anticipate 2019 going the same way. Here at Music City Plastic Surgery, one of our core values is “Don’t Be Complacent.” As we head into the new year, my team and I will keep that value in mind as we continue to search for ways to improve the experience for our patients.


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