Music City Plastic Surgery - January 2019



‘COME QUICKLY, I AM TASTING THE STARS!’ RING IN 2019 WITH SOME CRISP BUBBLY She explains: “Any mom knows what having kids can do to your body, and while I felt very blessed to have my children, I was also very self-conscious of my figure. It was to the point where my insecurities were not only affecting me personally, but my relationship with my husband as well. I knew I wanted to do something to help, so I was working out and eating healthy, but nothing was changing. That’s when I started doing research on the Mommy Makeover. After talking to friends and investigating online, I found Dr. Burgdorf. The day I walked into his office, I still had some reservations. I felt really guilty about the whole idea. It just seemed like a huge commitment and a lot of time away from the family.” There are many legends regarding the origin of sparkling wine, but the most popular and perhaps most fanciful myth has been in circulation since the 1600s and involves monk Dom Perignon. As the story goes, the monk was making white wine in the Champagne region of France. Due to the fluctuating temperatures one chilly season, something quite strange occurred during the fermentation process inside the bottles, thereby carbonating it. According to legend, when Perignon went to check on his wine, the corks started spontaneously popping all around him. He then took a small sip and cried out, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” As you ring in 2019 and hold that Champagne flute high above your head, make sure it is filled with a sparkling wine so crisp that it could have been taken from the starry sky itself. Dr. Mike’s personal favorites are Louis Bouillot Perle d’Or Vintage and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut. There are so many mothers out there who, after having children, work really hard to get their bodies back to their prepregnancy weight. But despite even the best effort to maintain a workout routine and healthy nutrition plan, sometimes the human body just refuses to change. In addition to feeling self-conscious about their figures, they feel like they are being selfish or shameful any time they consider plastic surgery as a viable option. The vast majority of our patients here at Music City Plastic Surgery who have had the Mommy Makeover procedure admit to having some trepidations even researching plastic surgery, but after their first consultation with Dr. Burgdorf, their mindsets drastically changed. One particular patient credits her wonderful experience to Dr. Burgdorf’s patience and his inclusion of her family throughout the entire process.

Fortunately, as soon as she consulted with Dr. Burgdorf, her fears were assuaged. “He just made me feel really comfortable about it by helping me realize that it wasn’t selfish of me to want to enjoy what I saw when I looked in the mirror. What’s more, he even took the time to talk my husband and my kids about the procedure to ensure that we all knew what to expect. In fact, my daughter came with me for every appointment.


It was really a whole family experience throughout the entire process, and I am so happy with the results! It has not only improved my physical self, but I also feel like a better wife and a better mom. I’m now three months postsurgery, and I’m already working out with my daughter. She told me last year that she wanted to run the Music City Half-Marathon. I did a 5K with her last year prior to the surgery and felt awful. But yesterday, we ran 4 miles together, and it was absolutely wonderful!”


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