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Hard Work and Tradition Lessons From Halloween

Well, Halloween is fast approaching, and I’m sure a lot of parents out there are putting in the work to let their kids dress up as their favorite movie heroes. As someone who grew up in the Star Wars era, I certainly remember wanting to be Luke and Han most years. I even had a friend who had his own Jawa costume, complete with a hooded robe and glowing eyes. My family never really had the money for something as elaborate as that. As badly as I wanted to be one of those heroes from that galaxy far far away, I was content with whatever plastic masks with rubber bands we could find on sale. This was back when my family was living in Chicago — my dad was putting himself through law school, and things were tight. But my mom and dad always had a strong work ethic, and I saw how much their efforts paid off. After graduating, my father moved our family to Houston, and I had to get used to life as a Texan. While there were plenty of regional differences to get used to, Halloween and trick-or-treating still felt much the same way they had back in the Windy City, though it was a bit warmer. This first move prepared me for a much larger case of culture shock in the years to come. As I entered adolescence, my father was hired on as a corporate lawyer for Aramco Saudi Arabia, and so we moved halfway across the globe. Going from my life in the States to the Middle East was quite the transition, and one that gave me a lot of perspective on both the world and my parents.

As far as I know, my mom and dad never set out to be world travelers. They married young and worked their way up, eventually both finding careers in the legal profession. When I was a child, we never took vacations or talked about traveling abroad. It was only when my father’s hard work brought us to Saudi Arabia that my parents thought to themselves, “Well, we’ve come this far, why not see the rest of the world?” By the time I was 13, I’d seen most of the globe. I vividly remember seeing the dizzying lights of Hong Kong to this day. But more than any particular memory, learning to appreciate the differences and recognize the similarities in people across cultures is what stuck with me the most. That, and fittingly enough, the importance of traditions like Halloween.

Within our community of expats in Saudi Arabia, trick-or-treating still took place much the same way as it had in my childhood. I was free to roam the neighborhood (within the confines of the company compound) in costume, hunting for candy the same way I always had. The ubiquity of holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving across countries and regions is something I came to appreciate. My parent’s hard work took me around the world, where I got to experience new cultures and worldviews. But no matter where I was, traditions like Halloween always made me feel at home.

Happy Halloween,

Alex R. Hernandez, Jr.

The ubiquity of holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving across countries and regions is something I came to appreciate.

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