CWU Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 2024

Staff to the Board: Jim Wohlpart, President Dania Cochran, Board Secretary and Executive Liaison for the President’s Office Joel Klucking, Board Treasurer and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Andrew Morse, Chief of Staff & Interim Vice President for University Relations Melissa Nelson, Assistant Attorney General (via Zoom) Kim Dawson, Executive Assistant to the President/Board of Trustees Executive Faculty & Staff: Lucinda Carnell, Interim Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Paul Elstone, Vice President for University Advancement Kurt Kirstein, Interim Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Margaret Ortega, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success Staci Sleigh-Layman, Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Chair Black convened the board meeting at 9:01 a.m.

Community Relations & Economic Development Dania Cochran, Executive Liaison in the President’s Office, and Andrew Morse, Chief of Staff, and Interim Vice President for University Relations, presented to the board on Community Relations and Economic Development. Dr. Morse began by explaining that in alignment with our Strategic Plan, engagement is Core Value 1. Our goals under engagement include: • Goal 1: Amplify and elevate the university’s relationship with local and regional communities. • Goal 2: Partner with businesses, nonprofits, governmental agencies, tribal agencies, and other entities, as well as with individuals, to increase opportunities for students. CWU has begun planting seeds, which started with building authentic, sustaining relationships. We have been listening and have identified shared approaches based on community need and are connecting these needs with expertise. Our adaptive challenges are our need to work more closely with our community partners and more regularly for a strategic direction. We have tremendous potential in our valley and in our region. Expanding economic and workforce opportunities in Central Washington is underway. It targets a region that includes Kittitas, Grant, Douglas, Chelan, and Yakima counties. The leaders are building a vision and strategy to become a Tech and Innovation Hub in Central Washington. Impacting the region impacts CWU. Dr. Cochran summarized community relations work that has been happening since 2022. CWU has taken a more thoughtful approach to how we show up in the community and support our friends in the city and county. CWU is shifting the narrative of the town/gown relationship. We have many CWU employees on boards and committees for the City and County. We have been making intentional connections off campus for internships, practicums, and project experiences for students. In addition, we are creating opportunities to invite the community on to campus.

7 Board of Trustees Minutes February 15-16, 2024

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