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By Wendy Formichelli, WegoWise Sustainable properties: Quick tips


cling play a key role in an effective sustainability plan. By drafting a roadmap and implementing some of the realistic initiatives suggested below, managers and proper- ty owners can easily measure and share progress. Further- more, this will add value for your company, employees, and tenants--a positive im- pact on the triple bottom line for years to come. Don’t Try toBoil theOcean Property owners and man- agers can start small, by implementing one or more of the steps below in corporate

offices: •Install energy-conserving products such as tinted win- dows, smart power strips, motion-sensor sinks, and low- flow toilets •Print less. Use electronic versions of presentations and training materials. Re- fer prospects to the company website to avoid printing (and mailing) costs •Work with like-minded, environmentally responsible vendors. For instance, make sure to give old computer equipment to a non-landfill recycling center

•Avoid paper and plastic kitchen utensils in the compa- ny kitchen. Instead, provide reusable coffee mugs, dishes, and silverware •Recycle batteries, printer cartridges, cell phones, com- pact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, and all paper There are also numerous things that can be done across one’s portfolio to improve sus- tainability, while simultane- ously saving energy and im- proving net operating income. •Going paperless -Encourage tenants to complete routine transactions

like payments and mainte- nance requests electronically. A secure, online portal is convenient and reduces paper transactions -Create an online data- base for all resident files -Encourage prospective tenants to conduct credit checks and reserve units on- line, further reducing paper consumption -Use a service like Docu- Sign for electronic signatures on applications and leases -Provide scanners at all properties to eliminate faxing between property managers • Equip model units and common areas with program- mable thermostats, motion detectors, light switch timers, CFL bulbs, and smart power strips •Program onsite office equipment and common liv- ing area lighting to go into sleep mode •Offer a robust, easy-to- access recycling program. If a community doesn’t offer single stream recycling, man- agement can offer recyclables removal, or post information about the local recycling center •Promote public transpor- tation by posting local bus and train schedules in com- mon areas •Make sustainability a two-way street. Suggestions boxes, posters, and contests will foster dialogue and un- cover new energy- and cost- saving measures Promoting sustainability A company’s commitment to conducting business re- sponsibly at the corporate office and across its portfolio should be more than just a “feel good” endeavor. By spreading awareness about the benefits of conserving resources and reducing a building’s carbon footprint, property owners and man- agers will attract and retain better employees and ten- ants for years to come. Wendy Formichelli is the director of marketing at WegoWise, a provider of energy benchmark- ing software for more efficient buildings. Pre- viously, Wendy has held marketing and communi- cations roles for a clean energy technology start- up and the home heating division for a regional energy company. n

s a property owner or manager, it’s impor- tant to recognize that

every demo- graphic ap- p r e c i a t e s the concept of sustain- ability. Pro- viding ten- an t s wi t h sustainable c o r p o r a t e offices and

Wendy Formichelli

living spaces is easier than one might think. Areas like energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and recy-

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