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By Robert Frustaci, Premier Facility Management From recycling to sustainability


there must be companies that can study the underly- ing problems that companies encounter while attempting to become sustainable, and create technologies that help maintain those processes. Through trade-marked sys- tems and database tracking, sustainability can become a natural part of any busi- ness’s profile once a solid program has been designed and executed. Recycling lon- gevity leads to Sustainabil- ity which provides long-term savings, reduced carbon foot- print impact, and controlled

management. Premier family of compa- nies of Woodland Park, NJ are tenured experts in teach- ing and providing the tools needed to challenge your com- pany to become more sustain- able in today’s growing and ever-changing environmental world. Premier Compaction Systems (PCS) is currently providing expert service for all phases of the recycling & waste equipment industry throughout the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Northeastern Pennsyl- vania region. The current

PCS client base consists of retail, manufacturing, condo/ apartment complexes, dis- tribution, pharmaceutical, packaging, schools, hospitals, municipalities (Department of Public Works), supermar- kets, and nursing homes. PCS employs troubleshoot- ing repair experts, preven- tive maintenance specialists, metal fabricators, and instal- lation and design engineers. PCS application engineers can develop a design that will save your budget installation costs and future repairs & maintenance.

Someone from the Premier team will gladly visit your facility at NO CHARGE and evaluate the current condi- tion of your equipment, your sustainability program, and make recommendations. Together with the right knowledge and resources, preservation for future gen- erations can be maintained through sustainability while increasing your bottom line. For more information please feel free to contact the Pre- mier offices at (800)877-7475 or emailing john@pfmgreen. com. n

s humans have begun to learn that our eco- system is a fragile or-

ganism, capa- ble of damage we previously believed to be repairable, we must recog- nize and cre- ate solutions to the impact we are affect- i ng o n o u r

Robert Frustaci

But the following winter, there was yet another spike: the vari- able speed drives on the pumps had a programming issue. The problem was fixed and the property has enjoyed stabilized usage ever since. Start Monitoring Your Data Spikes are a common occur- rence that are difficult to catch looking solely at a monthly bill. They’re impossible to catch if you just pay your bill and file it away. So, whether you elect to use a utility tracking platform or manually plot your usage in Excel, start monitor- ing your energy consumption so you can identify spikes and correct them. Even if you don’t have funds to perform build- ing upgrades, the EPA claims monitoring alone can save 2.4% annually in utility spending so it is a practice worth exploring. Catherine Zelenkofske is a programmanager for Wego- Wise, a provider of software designed to optimize the energy efficiency of multi- family buildings. Catherine works with more than 100 building owners andmanag- ers to track and understand their energy usage. n Avoid utility spikes with energy bench- marking. . . continued from page 13B planet. Years ago we simply “recycled” those items we knew to be recyclable, currently we need to find better ways to manage our recycling efforts, so “Sustainability” became the new key effort to protecting our environment. Recycling has be- come “Sustainability”, and will have lasting effects that will drive to protect the beauty of our environment. The largest impact on the planet inevitably comes fromuse of our resources without an outlined design for the output. While it is unrealis- tic to expect that one model will work for every type of business,


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