Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

9 Spectacular 1907 George W. Hull Chicago White Sox Postcards Complete Set (16) w/Original Envelope Spectacular complete set of scarce 1907 GeorgeW. Hull Chicago White Sox postcards, along with their original envelope. An astonishing find that was part of a family inheritance that contained a handful of minor baseball-related items, we have handled very few cards from this set and certainly have never seen a complete set. Even more exciting is the condition of the cards, as they appeared to have hardly been handled, stored in their original envelope for more than a century. The presence of the envelope gives us some information about how the cards were distributed (by mail as a complete set), but speaks little to their current scarcity today. The cards offer a play on the team name “White Sox,” depicting photos of each of the players, superimposed over a sock, hanging on a clothesline. Underneath the clothesline is an inset photo of Charles Comiskey, with a larger photo of an individual player along the right side of the card. The upper border contains a humorous phrase, such as “As they hang in Commy’s back yard,” or “Not worn by ladies, but admired by them” to describe the socks on the line. The cards are extremely scarce today, and are simply never found in this condition. In fact, with each of the cards in this

collection grading above EX, we have nearly doubled the total number of cards graded at that level betwee n both grading companies. As a testament to their scarcity, just 70 examples have been graded between PSA and SGC. Of course, many of the cards in this set represent the highest-graded examples available, and the three cards graded EX-MT+ 6.5 are the highest-graded cards from this set in existence. The envelope is in poor condition, valuable for its rarity and the fact that it protected the cards so well. A complete breakdown of the cards is as follows: Altrock (PSA EX-MT+ 6.5, 1/1, none higher); Davis (HOF - PSA EX-MT 6, 1/1, none higher); Donohue (PSA EX+ 5.5, 1/1, none higher); Dougherty (PSA EX 5, 1/1, one higher); Hahn (PSA EX+ 5.5, 1/1, one higher, plus one EX+ 5.5 SGC), Isbell (PSA EX 5, 1/2, none higher); Jones (PSA EX 6, 1/2, plus one SGC 6, none higher), McFarland (PSA EX-MT 6, 1/1, none higher), Owens (PSA EX- MT+ 6.5, 1/1, none higher); Patterson (PSA EX-MT 6, 1/1, none higher), Rohe (PSA EX 5, 1/2, none higher); Smith (PSA EX-MT 6, 1/1, none higher); Sullivan (PSA EX-MT 6, 1/2, none higher); Tannehill (PSA EX-MT 6, 1/2, none higher); Walsh (HOF, PSA EX-MT 6, 1/1, none higher); White (PSA EX-MT+ 6.5, 1/1, none higher). An incredible set, all but two of which are the highest- graded examples in existence. 16 cards total, plus envelope. MINIMUM BID: $2,500.00

Fall 2018 Premier Auction – Closes November 24, 2018


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