Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

10 1888 A35 Goodwin Round Album Outstanding and colorful example of the beautiful Goodwin Round Album. Made available by mail in exchange for coupons packaged with Goodwin’s tobacco brands, the album included nine individual player pages that featured either full-color portraits or full-body illustrations with four players on each. The reverse of each page contained team player records or schedule, set in an ornate design. Presented here is a complete album, disassembled but with all parts intact, including the original binding string. The pages themselves are clean and colorful, telltale signs of scrapbook mounting visible on the reverse of each page in the form of moderate glue staining. Some minor wear at the edges is visible, including a few very small tears, wear at the grommets,

and occasional light creases. The creases are visible near the grommet on the Anson page, the Foster/Brown/George/ Tierney page, the Richardson/O’Rourke/Gore/Connor page, with more pronounced creasing at the top of the Ewing/Welch/ Ward/Keefe page. With the exception of the latter, the creasing is minor, and is consistent with page turning. Additional minor wear is evident at the front and back covers in the form of slight edge chipping, simply a result of age and storage. A former owner’s handwriting is visible, however faint, on the cover. One of the era’s most beautiful and highly-coveted issues, each page bright and colorful, all its components present and easily reassembled, but stored carefully in plastic pages for better display and protection. MINIMUM BID: $2,000.00


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