Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

printing anomaly. Over the years, collectors have uncovered a variety of print “freaks” that help tell the story of how the set was put together, how the cards were laid out on sheets, how the colors were applied, and more. Some collectors have used printing plate cracks to develop theories on how cards were laid out on sheets. Others have used cards with missing color to reconstruct the printing process. And some collectors just think the print anomalies are interesting. Presented here is one of the most interesting we have seen - a card of New York’s Joe Lake, with full color, but with a very clear, dark “ghost” image of Hall of Famer Chief Bender’s “portrait” pose, applied upside-down, right on the face of the card. In addition to appearing upside-down, the Bender “ghost” was printed in mirror i mage - the “g host” Bender looks to the right, the Old English “A” on his breast clearly backwards, as the authentic Bender cards depict the pitcher looking to the left side of the card, the “A” in the lower-right corner.

14 Incredible 1909-11 T206 Joe Lake (No Ball) w/Upside-Down Chief Bender Ghost Image As the most popular prewar issue in the hobby, the different ways to collect T206 has no bounds. One of the most interesting of all the pursuits, however, is the pursuit of the

15 Spectacular 1909-11 T206 Dave Brain With Multi-Strike Reverse & Piedmont Ad On Front In the case of some T206 print anomalies, one flaw is not enough. This portrait card of Dave Brain clearly illustrates that. At first glance, a Piedmont Cigarettes ad, typically printed on the back of the card, is printed on the front. In addition, it is upside down. And mirror image. None of that, however, can prepare the viewer for what is on the reverse. A host of print strikes - far too many to count - are applied in all directions to the reverse. Right-side up, and upside down, at various points on the card. Multiple “Piedmont” logos are visible, not counting the number of logos that have been printed on top of one another, creating a dense, black “Piedmont” in the middle of the card reverse. There is simply no way to count the number of Piedmont ads that have been printed - forward and in mirror image - on the reverse of the card. A wonderful example of how fascinating T206 print anomalies can be. MINIMUM BID: $500.00 The result is a lattice of colors and lines, depicting two clearly identifiable cards, but with nothing quite right. The reverse, of course, is completely normal, a tiny spot of visible paper loss the only flaw, and nothing tipping off the viewer as to what lies on the other side. A truly incredible, one-of-a-kind printing error, one of the most fascinating we have seen. MINIMUM BID: $1,500.00

Fall 2018 Premier Auction – Closes November 24, 2018


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