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November 2019

Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals of the year. Sometimes, I wonder why Nicole and I don’t try to make the same food throughout the year because we enjoy it so much. However, it is one of those dinners that takes a ton of work, and having it only once per year is one of the reasons the holiday is so special. For the past few years, Nicole, Conor, Liam, and I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Our home is pretty roomy, which gives everyone a chance to get together without worrying about bumping into each other, and all the kids have space to play. Nicole also enjoys putting up decorations for the season. We just took down our Halloween decorations and have transitioned into Thanksgiving. She’s amazing at decorating our house through the different stages of the holidays. FAMILY THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS

One of the most interesting traditions we have as a family is part of our Thanksgiving dinner. Growing up, I always had a very traditional Thanksgiving meal, but Nicole and her family have introduced me to another. Nicole comes from an Italian family, so we always include some type of pasta dish with our meal. There’s never one in particular that stands out, and it’s never been the main dish, but we always have some type of Italian dish incorporated. I absolutely love it! I’ve always enjoyed Italian food, and now it makes Thanksgiving that much better and special for us. Aside from our annual pasta dish and, of course, the turkey, the two foods I’mmost looking forward to are the traditional Thanksgiving stuffing and our taste of pumpkin. Nicole is an amazing cook and can make the best stuffing I’ve ever had; it’s one of the many highlights of the entire meal. She also whips up a fantastic pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. Having a pumpkin dessert is a must for the fall season. By far, Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year. I enjoy the family coming together and the delicious traditional food, and it’s also one of the most comfortable and beautiful times of the year. The end of November is the epitome of fall. The weather might be colder, but it’s still nice enough out for people to enjoy themselves. Virginia is a beautiful state in the fall. It’s a very different experience from when I grew up in New York, where it becomes very cold and everything is buried under a ton of snow. As a huge football fan, Thanksgiving is also a great time to watch a game or two. It’s another traditional activity I enjoy. “Growing up, I always had a very traditional Thanksgiving meal, but Nicole and her family have introduced me to another.”

I hope you enjoy the weather, good food, and family traditions that the holiday brings! Happy Thanksgiving!

-Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

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