Core Solutions Physio: Pain Relief From Back Pain

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Patient Success Spotlight

Client DD began to have Achilles tendon trouble in September 2016 after attempting to get new orthotics. She had tried to break in her orthotics over a four-week period, but noticed increasing heel pain. She was attending physiotherapy at Core Solutions at the time for her shoulder when she asked the physiotherapist to take a look at her Achilles, which was swollen and had a palpable bump. She was limping and unable to weight bear on it without a lot of discomfort. She was sent back to her doctor and an ultrasound was done that showed a 1cm tear in her Achilles. DD went to see a sports medicine doctor in October 2016 – who put her inawalkingboot,gaveheranitropatch toputover theAchillesand was referred back to physiotherapy at Core Solutions for treatment. The physiotherapy consisted of soft tissue massage, acupuncture and electrotherapy. DD followed up with the specialist after 6 weeks of treatment in November 2016 – the tear was down to 0.7cm at this point on the ultrasound. She wanted 6 more weeks of the boot, patches and continued physiotherapy. So physiotherapy treatment at Core Solutions continued and added in soft tissue release therapy and home stretches. The specialist was seen again in January 2017 and the tear was down to 0.5cm– she ordered the boot, patches and physiotherapy for another 4 weeks. Gentle strengthening with Theraband was added at this point. And her final specialist appointment occurred in February 2017where the tearwasdown to0.2cm.Shediscontinued thebootand patchesandwantedan increase instrengthening.Sophysiotherapyat Core Solutions continues with a progressive strengthening program. DD now walks without a limp, has no pain and has increased function. SHE IS ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL! Nowwalks without a limp!


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