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Staff Spotlight Michelle Vanderpol MscPT, Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle is a physiotherapist at our Caledon location. She specializes in pelvic health. Let’s get to know Michelle a little better outside of the clinic! What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work? There are a lot of sports related activities that I love to do when not working. Being at the gym, playing soccer, snowboarding, rock climbing, but right now I am most passionate about surfing (though I don’t get to do it nearly enough!) How did you get started with that? I was doing a Physiotherapy internship in Australia while completing my masters, and it was there that I got out on the board for the first time. First wave, and I was hooked. Why do you like it? There is a really freeing feeling of being out on the water. No distractions. When you work so hard physically to achieve something, there is no better feeling then knowing you can do it. What does it mean to you? Surfing continues to give me motivation to work hard and to stay strong and limber. For me when I get up on that board it means that I am capable. It is a

reminder that whatever we can put our minds to we can achieve! It is also how I plan our vacations nowadays! Who do you do it with? Ross, my spouse, whom I “force” to do all adventurous things with me. What’s your funniest, scariest or most exciting moment? There was one time in Nicaragua, where I was getting thrashed by waves, constantly. I had already had quite a few wipe-outs throughout the morning, and was at the point where giving up was an enticing alternative to continued paddling. Eventually I got out past the break again and caught my breath. As the wave approached I started paddling hard, and caught this awesome wave, riding it right into shore, and practicing some turns along the way. After hours of working so hard, that one wave was all it took to leaving me feeling energized and proud all day long! Hard work pays off, as they say.

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