Could Your Back Pain Be Caused By A Herniated Disc?

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1. The therapist will target a specific region of the spine or pelvis with a series of graded, physical movements. 2. This is then followed by exercises focused to strengthen the A herniated disc can cause a variety of symptoms including radiating pain down the arm o leg, depending if th herniated disc is in your neck or low back. Bulging discs are the beginning phase of herniated discs. Very often people have a bulging disc and don’t even know it. Only when the outside of a bulging disc becomes irritated and affects the surrounding tissue does it begin to cause back ache, generally in the same area and not down the leg. A herniated disc in the neck can be just as painful as a herniated disc in the back. Arm pain from a neck herniated disc is one of the more common neck conditions treated by our spine specialists. Although a neck herniated disc may start from injury to the spine, the symptoms, including arm pain, commonly start from poor posture or muscle strai s. Th arm pain from a neck herniated disc occurs because the herniated disc material “pinches” or presses on a nerve, causing pain to radiate along the nerve down the arm. Our specialized physical therapists are trained to examine your spine and movement to find the root cause of your problem. Then we work with you and your doctor to put together a plan that helps you achieve optimum results. back and upper body, improving overall stability. 3. You will receive a detailed home exercise program in addition to your clinic visit. In many cases, these techniques allow return to full physical function in just a few visits. Depending on circumstances, you may feel symptom relief within hours of treatment. For a location nearest you or to make an appointment, please call 434.200.2102. MyKaywaQR-Code BounceBack Program This program is part of Centra’s initiative to improve the way low back pain is treated. Early intervention is key. With direct access, you can come in with or without a physician referral. When back pain happens, think Physical Therapy first. Manual Therapy for Back Pain Manual therapy is a specialized treatment for low back pain that requires a therapist have a detailed understanding of the human anatomy. Evidence shows that hands-on therapy techniques are typically the best intervention for people with low back pain. Your detailed evaluation and follow up treatments will be performed by a licensed therapist. In manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease back pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction. Following the evaluation of your symptoms and movement screen: Could Your Back Pain Be A HERNIATED DISC? Do you suffer from back or neck pain? At times this pain can radiate indicating a potential problem with the discs. The bones in your spine are called the vertebrae. The vertebrae are held together and in place by ligaments and small discs that act as shock absorbers. These control your spine’s range of movement, flexibility and keep the spinal cord safe from damage. However, when a disc is damaged, the inside can squeeze out of place and either bulge or herniate, leaving the spinal nerves susceptible to damage. When this occurs, the r sult is called a “herniated disc”, “slipp d” or “ruptured isc.” A herniated disc can be incredibly painful and can cause a great deal of limit tions o the body’s movement, thus hindering a person’s move ent and overall ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

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