COMMUNITY HEROES LOCAL AND STATE-WIDE For over 38 years, MADD knows that a crucial element of end- ing drunk, drugged and substance-impaired driving is the law enforcement, first responders, prosecutors and community members. We, here at MADD, regard these folks and their families as Community Heroes . Throughout the United States, we host local Recognition Cere- monies where we announce top nomination honorees and cele- brate those who are nominated. In the state of Florida, we have a unique opportunity to recognize our Community Heroes at events hosted by our local offices as well as at a state-wide event. In Southwest Florida, we celebrate law enforcement, breath tech operators, first responders, prosecutors, nonprofits, volun- teers and others who help our community with this public health issue through a nomination process and event.

To nominate a Community Hero , visit . All local nominations are sent to the state-wide event .

In This Issue

All nominees and their families are invited to the local SWFL event at jetBlue Park which features family-fun activities, bat- ting practice on our very own Major League Baseball Field and the grand finale – the recognition ceremony. As well, all nomi- nees will be invited to the state-wide event which features valu- able training plenaries.

 Law Enforcement Recognition

 Being Resilient



 Interns & Movie Nights

July 27-28

September 14

Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

jetBlue Park, Fort Myers

 2018 By The Numbers

Recognition Ceremony—July 27

Recognition Ceremony—5pm

Training Plenaries—July 27 & 28

Family Fun—2pm—5pm

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