USAP Patient Guide

FOR PROCEDURES NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE If you do not have insurance, or insurance does not cover your procedure, you will be personally responsible for full and timely payment of your bill. See “Financial Assistance” information on the following page, if needed. CARE TEAM BILLING USAP often uses an Anesthesia Care Team, which includes a physician anesthesiologist and either a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) or a certified anesthesiologist assistant (CAA). In cases where an Anesthesia Care Team is involved, we are required by some insurance companies to send two identical claims—one for the physician and one for the CRNA/ CAA. This method follows the insurance company's billing requirements and is not duplicate billing. The total paid for the two claims is similar to what would be paid for a single anesthesiologist if a CRNA/CAA was not involved. Your total out-of-pocket cost will not increase when we follow these insurance requirements. ESTIMATES USAP is committed to providing patients with transparent pricing so you can understand your potential out-of-pocket costs. Our Patient Advocacy team is available to offer price estimates and to answer specific questions about insurance coverage. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: WWW.USAP.COM/ESTIMATES

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Financial Assistance may be available if you have trouble paying your bill, regardless of whether you have insurance. USAP has a dedicated team of Patient Advocates to help patients in need of financial assistance. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: WWW.USAP.COM/PATIENT-ADVOCACY CONTACTS For any billing or insurance questions, please call the number on your statement or call us at 1-888-339-USAP(8727) . FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: WWW.USAP.COM/BILLING-INFORMATION

POST-CARE FEEDBACK SURVEY After your procedure, you may receive a text or email asking you to complete a short survey about your anesthesia experience. We value your feedback and use your responses to make sure we continue to provide high-quality care to our patients. Click here to learn more.



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