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Arthritis In The Neck

The problem with arthritis is the loss of range of motion in the neck joints. As bone wears on bone, the surface of the bones actually start to change shape. This thins the bones in the neck in some parts leading to a loss of height between the bones. Due to abnormal wear and tear, new bone forms where it shouldn’t, creeping into the holes where the spinal cord passes through. In addition it can rub on the nerves out to your neck, shoulders, arms and even hands. This can lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis, which can be quite painful. What can be done to help neck arthritis? While pain medications can help control pain, they don’t address the root cause of the pain, which is poor strength and lack of normal movement. The neck joints on the side of the spine normally experience wear and tear over the years. However, when this wear and tear is accelerated due to poor posture, weakness or injury, this can lead to limited, painful range of motion. In addition, with neck arthritis, the smaller muscles that guide the motions of the neck become weaker, eventually leading tomore rubbing and arthritis. By gently stretching these tight and restricted joints with specific hands on therapyandexercises,rangeofmotioncanbereturned.Whilephysicaltherapy cannot restore the cartilage or change the bony structure, it can certainly help your neck move better, become stronger, reduce pain and give you the power to stay healthier longer. Try this simple test. See if you have restricted cervical joints. Stand with your back against the wall. Can you touch the back of your head to the wall while keeping your chin level? If you cannot, then your neck joints are limited and you need physical therapy to restore the range of motion.

Is your neck pain affecting your balance? Have you ever seen a person with their head protruding forward and their body bent over? This can be subtle or quite noticeable. With neck pain, limited neck posture results in loss of balance. Just pull anyone by their nose and you will see they will falter forward. This is because the normal lines of gravity through the body change when the spine posture changes. If you or someone you know has poor balance, it could be a problem with their posture. Get your neck moving and feeling better. Call us to learn more about our programs today!

Try this movement for neck pain relief. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

Patient Success Spotlight

Relieves Neck Pain

CERVICAL ROTATION Turn your head towards the side, then return back to looking straight ahead.

“Since my initial onset of injury, I have been suffering major tingling in my arm and neck pain. I've been to 2 other physical therapists and Dr. Nestor has eliminated my symptoms. He has given me hope that I can make a full recovery and get back to the active life that I had!” - Michael Orsini

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