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Cedar Planked Smoked Cheese

This is a great appetizer for the holidays. It looks fancy but is quick and easy to make. Your guests will think you are a gourmet chef!

The cheese can be smoked on a gas grill if you make a smoker pack. I used the charcoal grill.

You will need a cedar plank, camembert cheese or a brie (soft creamy cheese), pepper jelly, and 1-2 jalapenos.

Place the plank on the grill for 1-2 minutes a side. You will see some grill marks and you will start to smell the aroma of the cedar plank. (See the grill marks in the picture).

Spread the pepper jelly on the cheese. Slice the jalapeno in half, remove the seeds if you like it on the mild side, and arrange jalapeno slices on top of the cheese. Slice the jalapeno crosswise with the seeds if you like it spicy. Place the cheese in the plank. Place the plank on the grill (indirect heat) no flame under the plank. (See picture). Add a few wood chips to the charcoals. Use smoker pack if using gas grill. Cook about 10 minutes until the cheese becomes soft. Some of the cheese will start to ooze out.

Serve with grilled bread or fancy crackers. Enjoy!

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