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events. Her first commissioned song was for an event in Montreal in 2000. She also directed the event which included 250 art- ists on three stages over three days, and she produced the CD. In 2002 she was chosen among five other songwriters across Can- ada to write a piece for World Youth Day, which was held that year in Toronto and at- tended by Pope John Paul II. She was also a guest speaker at a G20 event for women CFOs and has numerous other projects be- hind her. She still teaches artist development, and has recently taken space in the Russell Mu- sic Academy. She works with artists at any stage, whether new to musical training or well along in their careers. She is currently applying those artistic and business tech- niques to her own career which is shifting to commercial song-writing. She is targeting country music, partly because it is the fastest-growing sector, but also because she likes the simplicity, which she says is not simple to write at all. “It’s plain language telling a story, and it has to be catchy and positive.” The competition in Nashville is fierce, she says, but she has many mentors there. To succeed in commercial song-writing it is important to develop a relationship with a recording company. To this end, she frequently travels to Nashville where she networks with musicians, other writers and company representatives. “First they accept you as a potential good writer, then they ask you to co-write, then you hope to be brought in for specific sessions and get a great song out there, then you get a deal.” She advises anyone looking to work as a musician, song-writer, or in the arts profes- sionally to understand how money flows. “Then insert yourself to be in the position you need to be, and then work really hard.” Her last CD was released in 1997, but fans need not fear, she is currently writing for her new one, which will be out in 2015.

RUSSELL | Tara Shannon Renaud is best known as a local musician, singer and performer. Her real love, however, is song- writing. After a recent medical scare, the tall, attractive and cheery blonde decided to focus on making that career change, the latest in several careers she has under- taken. In the musical world, she is known as Tara Shannon. In the trucking business, howev- er, she is Tara Renaud. She and her husband own the TIF Group of Companies, which includes Thermo-Trans Refrigeration, Inter- provincial Truck Body and other transporta- tion equipment support companies in five Canadian cities. A real go-getter, Shannon started her first business at age 16, and in addition to all her other duties she has sev- en children—many of whom play hockey. “When they were babies it was hard,” she admits when speaking of raising children. “Now they’re older, aged eight to 21. Excel- lent time management is what matters.” How does she balance three such differ- ent and demanding careers? “First comes my health, then comes my family, every- thing else gets fitted in after. I have help around the house, which is really impor- tant. But my life is joyful, full, busy, noisy… I love it.” Shannon trained as a classical singer, pianist and performer at McGill University and is a trained sound engineer. She took private voice lessons and learned to play guitar for song-writing. She also learned the business end and established artist de- velopment classes to pay the overhead. She moved to Russell when her eldest child was a baby and she was quickly im- mersed in, and often leading, the local music scene and some high profile public

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Des cadeaux aux petits Anges

Lors de la semaine du 22 décembre, il n’y aura pas de changement à la cueilleƩe de maƟères recyclables. La cuilleƩe d’ordures du 25 décembre sera devancée au 24 décembre. For the week of December 22 there will be no changes to the collecƟon of recyclable material. Garbage collecƟon of December 25 will be moved ahead to December 24

Lors de la semaine du 22 décembre, la cueilleƩe d’ordures et de maƟères recyclables sera repoussée. Les cueilleƩes du jeudi 25 décembre et du vendredi 26 décembre seront remises au 27 décembre. Merci de votre collaboraƟon. Ser vice à la clien t èle & in forma Ɵ on 613 764-9308 Cette publicité est payée par ABC Disposal

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Marie-Ève Séguin, présidente du BNI Aux Quat’ Coins, Jean Lamadeleine, directeur adjoint de l’École intermédiaire catholique de Casselman, et Fern Beauchamp, membre du BNI Aux Quat’ Coins, se sont une fois de plus réunis pour distribuer des cadeaux aux enfants démunis de la paroisse de Casselman. Depuis 16 ans, le groupe de réseautage BNI se réunit toutes les semaines, à Embrun, et depuis huit ans chaque membre achète un cadeau dans le but de le remettre aux petits Anges de Noël.

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