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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 AUDIT SURPLUS The pandemic has resulted in a large potential budget surplus for the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB). Trustees reviewed and approved the 2019-2020 draft audited financial statements during their November 11 session. The report noted lower-than- planned expenses for the 2019-2020 school year due to school closures because of the pandemic. This resulted in a potential $6.9 million surplus that will help the UCDSB deal with any financial issues during the 2020-2021 year. – Gregg Chamberlain FLOODPLAIN STUDY The United Counties of Prescott-Russell will look at allocating $50,000 in its 2021 budget to purchase technical information to help with a funding application, in partnership with Eastern Ontario Conservation, to the National Disaster Mitigation Program. The appli- cation is for floodplain studies. Past stu- dies have benefited Clarence-Rockland, Russell Township, and The Nation Municipality. – Gregg Chamberlain WEBCAMS FOR COUNCIL Hawkesbury council approved a recom- mendation to purchase a number of webcams for use by council for council sessions during the pandemic and for use in future when in-person sessions resume and some council members or staff are unable to attend for various reasons. – Gregg Chamberlain



Eastern Ontario has returned to yel- low “protect” status on the province’s COVID-19 chart, after just one week in the more severe orange “restrict” category. The change, which was announced on Friday and came into effect just after mid- night on Monday, did not alter recommended safety precautions for individuals, but eased some business restrictions. Last calls at bars and restaurants moved from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., and six people were allowed to be seated instead of four. Capacity limits for some businesses and fitness centres were relaxed, while personal care services that required the removal of masks would be allowed to return if contact information was kept and a safety plan was prepared. The colour-coding change was the third JOBTNBOZXFFLTGPSUIF&BTUFSO0OUBSJP )FBMUI6OJU &0)6  5IF SFHJPO FOUFSFE UIFZFMMPX[POFPO/PWFNCFSXIFO UIF 0OUBSJPHPWFSONFOUàSTU JNQMFNFOUFE JUT colour-coded restriction framework, but was pushed into the orange zone just a week later after the thresholds for each category were tightened. Although the rolling average of cases had TIPXOTJHOTPGEFDMJOFBUUIFUJNF&0)6XBT moved to orange, provincial data showed the region remained above the 25 new cases per 100,000 people maximum needed to remain in the yellow zone. Since then, the weekly incidence rate had dropped, reaching 10.3 people per 100,000 in the most recent &0)6 SFQPSU0O'SJEBZ )FBMUI.JOJTUFS $ISJTUJOF&MMJPUUBOOPVODFEUIF&0)6BSFB would move back to yellow, at the same time as lockdowns were implemented in Toronto and Peel. &0)6.FEJDBM0GàDFSPG)FBMUI%S1BVM Roumeliotis had advised against the initial move into the orange zone, citing more recent data than the province had relied on showing a decline in the rolling rate of new

La région de desserte du Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario est revenue au jaune après une semaine dans la catégorie orange, une catégorie plus restrictive. — photo fournie

cases. At a media conference on Friday, he acknowledged the return to yellow after such a short period of time may add to public DPOGVTJPOBOEi$07*%GBUJHVFu “In my mind, we didn’t have to go to orange, but the decision was made by the province looking at data from a couple of days before where we were just at the CPSEFSuIFTBJEi*EPCFMJFWF UIF SBQJE in-and-out of these will lead to confusion and BEEUPTPNFGBUJHVFBTXFMM0OUIFPUIFS hand, as far as the public is concerned, with gathering limits, masking and general requirements, they’re the same [in yellow BOEPSBOHF>u 8IFOBTLFEXIFUIFSIFXBTXPSSJFE about people from areas in lockdown visiting UIF SFHJPOBT$ISJTUNBTBQQSPBDIFE %S 3PVNFMJPUJT TBJE OFJHICPVSJOH 0OUBSJP health units seemed relatively stable, but he advised anybody against leaving their respective regions. He said the guidelines for Christmas travel would be released in the coming weeks, but that advice may differ

CFUXFFO&0)6BOECPSEFSJOHIFBMUIVOJUT in Quebec. i"WPJE USBWFMMJOHPVUTJEF ZPVS SFHJPO u he said. “There’s going to be a different set of guidelines in Quebec and a different TFUPGHVJEFMJOFT JO0OUBSJP *EPOU GVMMZ understand the reasoning behind the Quebec guidelines… from our point of view, we’re recommending people stay at home as much BTQPTTJCMF%POU USBWFMCFUXFFO SFHJPOT BOECFDBSFGVM8FEPOUXBOU UPHP JOUP PSBOHFBOEXFEPOUXBOUUPHPJOUPSFEu


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One person died and another four were injured in a five-vehicle crash west of Plantagenet on Wednesday November 16. 5IF )BXLFTCVSZ EFUBDINFOU PG UIF 0OUB - SJP 1SPWJODJBM 1PMJDF 011  JT JOWFTUJHBUJOH the crash, which happened near the École secondaire catholique de Plantagenet shortly BGUFS  BN 0OF PG UIF ESJWFST  XIP XBT alone in their vehicle, died at the scene. Another four people were taken to hospi-tal, one with serious injuries. Police, Prescott-Russell paramedics and Alfred- Plantagenet firefighters were called to the scene. The stretch of road between County Road 9 and Jessop Falls Road remains closed in both directions and drivers have been asked to BWPJE UIF BSFB %FUPVST BSF JO QMBDF GPS passing motorists. Anyone who witnessed the crash or had any information that could assist the investi-gation was asked to contact the Hawkesbury 011BU




HAWK E SBURY C ENTR E 250, rue Main Est, local 104, Hawkesbury ON | 613-632-0602

Une personne est décédée à la suite d’un accident à Plantagenet 18 novembre. — archives

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