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and medical doctors in the community. Di- rect requests from the public are not being taken at this time, and interested individu- als should speak with their physician to see if the service is right for them. A group of 11 Community Paramedics – comprised of members from the existing staff of EMS – will be providing the service on a rotating basis throughout Cornwall and SDG during weekdays. “In addition to freeing up resources, the Community Paramedic Program will ensure patients receive more appropriate care for their needs,” said Chief of EMS Myles Cas- sidy. “This pilot project represents a signifi- cant change from how we have tradition- ally handled non-emergency cases.” The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long- Term Care is funding the pilot project, which will run until July 31, 2015. Similar pilot projects are being implemented in about 30 other Ontario communities. The program will operate in partnership with Cornwall Community Hospital, Cham- plain LHIN Community Care Access Centre and other local health care organizations.

A group of local Paramedics are now mak- ing home visits to at-risk residents in Corn- wall and SDG as part of a new pilot project that kicked off on January 22. Through the Community Paramedic Program, mem- bers of Cornwall SD&G Emergency Medi- cal Services will be providing at-home care to select residents in the community, with a focus on seniors and patients living with chronic conditions. Paramedics will be using their training and assessment skills to monitor indepen- dence and overall health of residents and checking on things such as vitals and medi- cation compliance. The ultimate goal is to reduce hospital readmissions and trans- ports to emergency departments, thereby freeing up EMS and hospital resources. “Through this new program, we are look- ing to intervene and provide support when needed before a crisis arrives,” said Michelle McMillan, Community Paramedicine coor- dinator. Clients of the program are identified by EMS officials during regular 911 calls as well as through referrals from hospital discharge

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A group of local paramedics are now making home visits to at-risk residents in Corn- wall and SDG as part of a new pilot project that kicked off on January 22. Pictured are Michelle McMillan, Community Paramedicine coordinator, and paramedic Randy Lalonde

Lancement du programme Moi j’écrase Dipika Damerla, ministre associée des Soins de longue durée et de la Promo- tion du mieux-être, s’est jointe à huit partenaires du domaine de la santé de l’est de l’Ontario, le 21 janvier dernier à l’hôtel de ville d’Ottawa, afin de lancer le programme Moi j’écrase . Celui-ci est un programme innovateur destiné aux fumeurs habitant l’est de l’Ontario et souhaitant arrêter de fumer ou diminuer leur consommation de tabac. Moi j’écrase est un partenariat entre l’Institut de cardiologie de l’Université d’Ottawa, le Programme régional de cancérologie de Champlain, Santé publique Ottawa, le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario, le Bureau de santé du comté et du district de Renfrew, le Bureau de santé du district de Leeds, Grenville et Lanark, Téléassistance pour fumeurs et le Mackay Manor, un centre de réadaptation résidentiel pour toxicomanes, situé à Renfrew. Summer student employment program The application process for 2015 summer student positions with the City of Corn- wall is expected to start in the near future, but will feature some small changes. The details of the application process will be posted on the Careers page of the City website. Applications will only be accepted by email and applicants must also have a valid e-mail to be contacted. Anyone interested is asked to contact the City of Cornwall Human Re- sources Department at 613-930-2787 ext. 2306. Cornwall receives $10,000 from contest Shoeless Joe’s popular “If Your Team Wins, Your Community Wins!” community- driven and sports-based program has officially come to a close and the results are in. After a tight race, Cornwall has come in second place, earning $10,000 towards a local community refresh project! Working closely with Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Shoeless Joe’s and the City have decided the funds will go towards painting a centre line through- out the recreational bike path system. Cornwall’s recreational path is one of the city’s most popular recreation assets and one of the busiest, and this new centre line will help keep traffic in order. There will be an award party on January 28 at 7 p.m. at the Cornwall Shoeless Joe’s to celebrate the community’s big win. The “If Your TeamWins, Your Com- munity Wins!” competition, as part of the Home Team Advantage program, rewarded teams with points every time they ate at Shoeless Joe’s. .%!"/ŏĥŏ*ŏ.!"ŏ

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