The UWI, Mona Campus_Annual Report 2021-2022

Long Service Awards Highlights

theme “Resilience through Agility” because of the demonstrable impact and value of The UWI’s contribution in successfully containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the Caribbean region. The volunteerism of staff, students and alumni on the frontlines, coupled with inputs from UWI science, medicine, and engineering, helped shape the Caribbean response as a best-case study recognised across the world. The theme was also an acknowledgement by the Mona Campus, that the University had managed to maintain its high standards over its nearly 75 years of existence and most recently throughout the very difficult COVID-19 pandemic. This accomplishment was largely because of the people behind The UWI brand – the very dedicated staff - who because of their agility, successfully answered the call to change the way the University operated. The University’s resilience therefore, can be attributed to the quick actions and willingness of staff to deliver at high standards even in the face of adversity. Principal Webber, as a special feature to these awards, recognised and congratulated 6 dedicated team members of The UWI family who have been dubbed ‘COVID-19 Champions’. Awards were presented to 360 members of the academic, administrative, professional, technical and support services staff, who have served the institution for periods exceeding 15, 21, 30 and 40 years. This year, Long Service Awardees for the years 2021 and 2022 were also honoured. The breakdown per category was as follows: 15 Years: 191 21 years: 99 30 Years: 69 40 Years: 1

• Providing junior faculty mentees with a career mentor (for academic guidance and direction)

• Supporting and facilitating faculty career development through mentor/mentee pairs

• Developing and implementing a comprehensive mentoring curriculum to enhance mentor/ mentee competencies at FMS, Mona

• Building a culture of mentoring and collaboration among faculty of FMS

• Building a mentoring database of processes and outcomes to support and evaluate mentoring activities • Providing a strong central structure, resources, and leadership to support faculty mentoring at FMS, Mona FST – Rebuilding Staff Engagement The Faculty Office in the Faculty of Science and Technology, has been refocused as a hub for, and driver of, staff engagement activities. In the 2021- 2022 academic year, the Faculty Office coordinated monthly meetings for four Faculty committees: (i) Senior Administrative staff in each department (ii) Senior Administrative Officers across all Faculties, (iii) Lab managers and Technical staff, and (iv) Departmental Facilities Managers. Through these committees the Faculty was able to organise online training activities, and undertake Faculty-wide initiatives recognising Technical and Service Staff Day (November), Administrative and Professionals Day (April), Teachers’ Day (May), and other social activities such as ‘Academic Lymes’. The committees have also become an effective means of leveraging expertise, sharing common experiences, undertaking inclusive strategic planning, and enabling information dissemination to all categories of staff.

8.4 STAFF ACHIEVEMENTS Long Service Awards

The UWI Mona’s Annual Long Service Awards Ceremony for members of staff was held on Thursday, December 1, 2022. The event was held under the

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