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Where the Wild Things Grow Having lived in Connecticut for over 30 years, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for the local natural world and a deep understanding of the organisms that inhabit it. I grew up fishing and playing outdoors, gathering with neighborhood friends to play street basketball, and seeking out adventure as a Boy Scout. My love of Education plays a huge role in what we do. From sharing my knowledge with my team to sharing knowledge with our clients, I want to share what I know for the betterment of each individual and the community as a whole. I love this area, and I want to do my part in helping it flourish.

Passion, Dedication, and a Love of the Outdoors

grandmother had in her backyard. There’s not much better than enjoying your own backyard, and the right trees and plants will create an environment you can call home. While I studied science, I didn’t discover horticulture until later in life. I was a good student in chemistry and biology, but neither of those subjects went into the small details of the associations that make life possible in soil or how organisms interact in conjunction with creating a landscape. It wasn’t until I discovered horticulture that I started to understand all how these relationships at work. I’ve worked with many master gardeners, and before I studied horticulture, they often knew more about plants than I did. Wanting to step up my game, I bought a lot of books and sought out the best courses that the University of Massachusetts —my guiding light on horticulture — had to offer. Since then, horticulture has become a part of my identity. When I step into a garden or yard, it’s like detective work. I love the landscaping puzzle — figuring out why this tree is healthy and why another is suffering. I love working with our clients to help their landscape flourish, from soil to treetop. It’s all connected. –Andrew Bachman

learning and my desire for challenge motivated me to become an Eagle Scout. I enjoyed the hard work it took to get to that level. Thanks to these group activities, I learned the importance of teamwork at an early age. That has carried over into Trout Brook Landscaping. Our team works together to carry out each job safely and provide the best for our clients. I strive to lead by example, encouraging a culture of safety, passion for our biological systems, and dedication to the task at hand.

I love being outdoors, and landscaping has turned out to be the perfect career for me. To me, the natural landscape of a home contributes to the enjoyment of life. When people ask me for advice about what to plant, I tell them to think about their perfect day. Through landscaping, we can connect someone to that experience, and even to their treasured memories. It’s the shrub that brings someone back to childhood summers spent swimming in the river, or to the tree their



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