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Special Education Teacher Academy PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PATHWAY

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This pathway is designed to provide teachers new to special education with the knowledge and skills they need to have a successful start. The academy will be presented in hybrid model with live zoom sessions and required asynchronous course on Canvas. The workshop zoom sessions will focus on completing various IEP forms and writing IEP goals. Web IEP sessions are offered monthly throughout the year. Academy participants have the opportunity to attend Web IEP sessions early in August. In addition, participants can request individual support. Support can be in the area of IEP development, instruction, and classroom management.

Required Courses • Web IEP (Zoom) • Forms and Facts 101 (asynchronous on Canvas) • Forms Workshop (Zoom) • Present Levels of Performance, Goals, and Educational Benefit (asynchronous on Canvas) • Writing Goals Workshop (Zoom)

Intended Audience

Year 1 and year 2 special education teachers.

LCAP Priorities

Ɔ Pupil Engagement, Pupil Achievement

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