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Transition Planning for All Students COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS

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This course is specifically designed to provide participants with an overview of the legal mandates and ethical requirements necessary to meet IDEA transition mandates for students with disabilities age 16 and older. An emphasis will be placed on transition services including the Individual Transition Plan (ITP), measurable postsecondary goals, and the legal requirements for developing the Summary of Performance (SOP). Using the person-centered planning process, participants will learn how to generate student profiles essential in the required planning of postsecondary goals. Participants will learn how to meet the requirement of Indicator 13, strategies necessary to involve students and family members in student-centered transition planning, and review a systematic approach to develop meaningful and realistic transition goals based on student needs, interests, and assessment

Intended Audience

Special education teachers, general education teachers, counselors, administrators, psychologists, and other interested support staff who work with the secondary student population.

# ADRIENNE SHEPHERD-MYLES PROGRAM MANAGER ¨ (760) 843-3982 x216 2 3:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

Ɔ Pupil Engagement, Course Access, Other Pupil Outcomes

Paraeducator Academy Collaborative COMMITTEES AND GROUPS

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This collaborative group, with a complementing on-line asynchronous course, is designed specifically for paraeducators supporting students with disabilities. Foundational skills in the area of academics, behavior, and collaboration, with an emphasis on core competencies, will be the focus. The course content will be self-paced on Canvas with live quarterly sessions. Participants will have the option to receive a certificate at the end of the school year. This certificate of completion for the Paraeducator Academy reflects 24 hours of content area and attendance of the four regional sessions.

Intended Audience



LCAP Priorities

PROGRAM SPECIALIST ¨ (442) 292-5094 x233 2 8:00 Hours

Ɔ Pupil Engagement, Pupil Achievement

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