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YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Sometimes ‘Savings’ Don’t Real ly Save You Anything

the cost ends up equaling what we can offer on crate fees and delivery. For example, if you make a $5,000 purchase and get 11 percent back, you’re “saving” $550. Well, what they don’t tell you is that it costs $300 per crate to deliver to your house. On top of that, if there’s an error, you’re going to wait at least two weeks to receive replacement pieces. At Central Michigan Roofing, we have free delivery for any purchase over $3,500, and we don’t charge a crate fee. If we make a mistake on our product, we can have trim to your site in the next 24–48 hours. I had a letter written to me by a contractor. He explains how the homeowner he was working with purchased from a big box store because there was a couple of hundred dollars difference between them and us. Well, what the homeowner ended up saving in the short term ended up costing him in the long run. I worked with this contractor on two separate occasions throughout the project, correcting mistakes. It ended up being a nightmare for both the homeowner and the contractor.

There’s a growing epidemic in my business that I feel is really important to address. Every so often, we get a customer looking for help after going to a big box store. They purchased a roofing kit spur of the moment based on the glitz and the glamour of the presentation — perhaps there may have even been a rebate involved. The purchaser then took the kit home only to find out there were missing pieces or had the wrong trim, and they’ve worked themselves into a disaster. In a frantic rush, the big box customer and homeowner searched for metal roofing manufacturer, and they find us. Often they come into the shop at a loss and ask us to help fix the project. Well, what started as every so often turned into once a month. Now it seems like it’s happening a lot. We have people coming into our shop asking for help after being let down by a big box store. The biggest crime in this situation is that all of the hassles could’ve been prevented had they just come to us in the first place. And it would’ve been just as cost effective. It’s unfortunate that big box customers are swindled by special pricing “deals.” Even if you do get an 11 percent rebate at a big box store,

issue. It’s happening a lot, and it costs good people money. Our team can create completely custom pieces, deliver them, and make sure all parties are satisfied on time. We’re right in the heart of prime installation season, and I’d love to see the people of our community taken care of. If you know of any contractors purchasing steel or metal or if you have a friend or family member considering a big box store, send them to us first. We can guarantee a faster turnaround time and a high-quality product that is manufactured by experts.

The story that’s outlined in this customer’s letter is not an outlying

– Emanuel Herschberger

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