SCORE St. Louis October 2019

St. Louis Bi-State Region

Oct 2019


A s a part of SCORE St. Louis’ of seeing many of the amazing things SCORE is doing. It’s been a wonderful journey of meeting amazing people and seeing the organization’s impact in many different ways. Before coming to SCORE St. Louis, I was a business owner for 14 years. It wasn’t until my business was under contract to be sold, though, that I saw an article about SCORE in a local business journal.While reading about this incredible organization and the mentoring they provide to business owners, all I could think was, “How did I not know about this sooner?” It wasn’t until several months later that the timing became clear. After selling my company, I took a few months to enjoy my newfound free time. Quickly, though, I craved stimulation. I started volunteering for some very worthwhile local organizations that needed help with tasks like stuffing envelopes. While I believed in the causes, it wasn’t quite the stimulating work I’d hoped for. It was then that I remembered SCORE. I applied as a volunteer and was put in charge of membership, and I’ve been volunteering here ever since. Serving with SCORE St. Louis has been a great way for me to share my expertise and help other people and businesses become successful too.The outstanding business coaching we provide at no cost is something we pride ourselves on.We work with startups and businesses at various stages, whether they’re executive committee for the last four years and the membership chair for the last year, I’ve had the privilege

just getting started, looking for sustainable growth, or just want to get some insight about marketing.To facilitate these programs, we’re always looking for volunteers who’ve run their own business or who’ve been at an executive management level for someone else’s business. What I’ve come to value about SCORE are the many ways someone can become involved. It’s not just for folks who are retired.While our business mentoring is our primary service, we also have several local partnerships that provide opportunities for people looking to volunteer at the end of their workday or on weekends.

exactly where our business expertise becomes a strength.You don’t need to know the technical aspects of the subject to coach someone on business.At the end of the day, a business plan is a business plan, and it’s a skill we can share with these talented students. We’re also providing mentorship to individuals through Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC), a national organization run through Regions Bank that provides training and mentorship to disadvantaged business owners who are looking to achieve sustainable growth.WEPOWER is another nonprofit organization we’re proud to partner with.WEPOWER focuses on mentorship and training for black and Latinx business owners, and we provide mentors to their program. It’s an honor to support and further the great initiatives Sling, ICCC, andWEPOWER are championing.All three have strong structures in place but need volunteers to come in and mentor their participants.A lot of these programs run outside of traditional business hours and provide the perfect volunteer opportunity for those who want to give back while they’re still working. If you are interested in learning more and sharing your business expertise through SCORE St. Louis, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

SCORE St. Louis has been a great way for me to share my expertise and help other people and businesses become successful too.

Three of our local partnerships speak to the reach and impact of SCORE St. Louis in our community. One of these is a student- led biotechnology incubator facilitated by Washington University called Sling Health STL.We’re providing mentorship to teams of students at Sling who are developing innovative solutions to clinical problems. Initially, some of our SCORE mentors were intimidated by the medical and engineering students they would be working with. But that’s

– Tina O’Toole



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