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Season Tickets TheMore You Come, TheMore You Save! See 4 shows, Save 10% See 5 shows, Save 15% See Full Season, (8 shows), Save 25% Call to Reserve Yours Today! Dinner Theater Box Office is Now Open! i i 262.284.6850 6850 Mon thru Fri 10:30 am - 4:00 pm Sat 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Or Buy Online, Any time at

Show Times

Matinees: Doors open at 11:45 am Dinner at 12:30 pm Show at 1:45 pm

Evenings: Doors open at 5:45 pm

Dinner at 6:30 pm Show at 7:45 pm

Ticket Prices Show & Dinner: $40* advance/ $42* at door Friday Night Show & All You Can Eat Fish & Broasted Chicken Dinner: $35* advance/ $37* at door Show Only : $25* advance/ $27* at door Discounts Available for Groups of 16+ * All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax

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Feb 17th - 26th Comedy

By Jeff Dan i els This hilarious prequel to “Escanaba in da Moonlight”, set in the Soady deer camp during World War II, follows the high spirited yet lovable Soady family in one cockamamie escapade after another. It’s deer hunting season, and 18-year-old Albert Soady, Jr. is determined to make the most of it before he ships out to be a sharpshooter in the U.S. Army. However, Albert’s plans go awry when he falls madly in love with Big Betty Balou. But is she the right fit to be a part of the Escanaba’s “royal” family? “… Full of zany characters and raw small town humor that is sure to please casual theatre goers. This is a wacky, well timed and very funny show." - Tom Williams, Chicago Critic Febbruary 2017 FRI Sat Sun 17 18 19

24 25 26 E v e E v e Ma t E v e Ma t E v e Ma t

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March 17th - 26th Comedy

By Steve Mart i n Mishap and mayhem are the cornerstone of “The Underpants”. Louise and her husband, Theo, are trying to rent out their flat when misfortune strikes. Louise, struggling to catch a glimpse of her king at a parade, suddenly finds her underpants around her ankles. Theo is appalled by this public scandal. Who will rent their flat now? Mayhem comes when not one, but two gentlemen—both of whom saw the underpants mishap—come to rent the flat and declare their love to Louise, and Theo’s much too oblivious to notice. Let the games begin! Adapted by critically acclaimed comedic actor, Steve Martin, “The Underpants” weaves his comic genius and literary style with Carl Sternheim’s classic caricature.

March 2017

FRI Sat 17 18 24 25 E v e E v e

Sun 19 Ma t 19 Ma t

26 26

Ma t E v e

Ma t

E v e

Apr i l 21s t - 30th Comedy

By Ludm i lla Bollow The rest room lounge of an outdated department store is the last place you’d expect to unearth every hope, dream, and fear, but when Winifred, a woman frail of mind but strong of heart, is threatened, she must rely on the fortitude of her friends to protect her freedom. With Myrah’s rambunctious antics and sharp tongue, Violet’s soft-spoken, elegant poise, and Winifred’s haunted past, these three women find themselves thrown into a series of bizarre, yet poignant, events. "Visit to Rosenblooms is worth the trip. Quirky characters, punchy lines and light hearted humor." - Driftwood News, Canada

Apr i l 2017 FRI Sat Sun 21 22 23 28 29 30 E v e E v e Ma t E v e Ma t E v e Ma t

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June 6th - 21s t Comedy

By Gord Carruth Revenge is sweetest when least expected. Just when you think the parade has passed you by, life gives you another chance. Two gentlemen, a Jewish widower and his friend, an Irish-American World War II veteran, unexpectedly come into a fortune. With their new status and the help of a beautiful lawyer, they have some fun pulling off a brilliant sting on a bank manager of questionable integrity and morality, all to the benefit of the elderly. “A tender, heartwarming comedy; when I wasn’t laughing, I was drying the tears away.” -The Journal (St. John’s)

June 2017 Tue Wed Thur 6 7 8 Ma t Ma t 13 14 15 Ma t Ma t 20 21 22 Mat/Eve Ma t

July 11th - 26th Comedy

By Barbara Pease Weber Adjusting to married life can be a trying time for any newlywed, but add high-strung in-laws, a secret family history, and German cuisine into the mix, and you get A Crock of Schnitzel.When Ashley’s Bavarian busybody of an aunt-in-law gives an old family heirloom, a cuckoo clock, to her husband, Greg, as a wedding gift, it has a rather odd… time defect. When Greg resets the clock later that evening, he accidentally opens a wormhole that launches his bride back in time! Discombobulated and dismayed, Ashley finds herself married to Greg’s father, Klaus, with a baby on the way! Stuck in a time warp, with a broken cuckoo clock and a literal identity crisis, Ashley soon realizes that her life is… well… A Crock of Schnitzel.

July 2017

Tue Wed 11 12 Ma t Ma t 18 19 Ma t Ma t 25 26 Mat/Eve Ma t

Thur 13 ur


Ma t a t



Sitting on a

Augus t 15th - 30th Comedy

By John A . Penzott i A life well-lived and a park bench—the only two things these elderly women had in common when they met seven months ago. Their nostalgic reminiscing, keen observations—followed by a hearty laugh or two—prove these gals are the epitome of phrase “age is just a number.” Emboldened by each other’s strength, wit, and quips, these ladies unconsciously prepare for the day they must go their separate ways.

“John A. Penzotti’s script is littered with smart one-liners. Hilari- ous, yet poignant.” - Herald Express

Ma t Augus t 2017 Tue Wed Thur 15 16 17 Ma t Ma t 22 23 24 Ma t Ma t 29 30 31 Mat/Eve Ma t Ma t

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By Barbara Pease Weber Latch your windows! Bolt your doors! Beware the witch in 204! You know your property value has plummeted when a witch moves in next door. But that's not retired schoolteacher, Sylvie Goldberg's, only problem. Sylvie's hopes of living happily-ever-after with her fiancé Eugene, the otherworldly gentleman of her dreams, soon dissipate when the witch next door, Bella, turns out to be Eugene’s former, mysterious lover. Tensions mount and scandal ensues as Bella’s wickedness wreaks havoc and devastation on all who have the grave misfortune to have crossed her path. “The Witch in 204” is the sequel to Barbara Pease Weber’s popular play, “Seniors of the Sahara”. November 3rd - 12th Comedy

November 2017 FRI Sat Sun 3 4 5 10 11 12 E v e E v e Ma t E v e Ma t E v e Ma t

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Book by John Reeger Music & Lyrics by Julie Shannon Travel back in time and take a ride on “The Christmas Schooner”! “The Christmas Schooner” tells the true story of a Michigan shipping captain who braves the deadly winter weather, sailing along the icy waters of the Lake Michigan shoreline, to bring Christmas trees to homesick German American families in turn-of-the-century Chicago. The whole family will enjoy this heart-warming story of the first Christmas tree ship and those who risked their lives to fill Chicago with the Christmas spirit. It celebrates their pioneering spirit, their joy in living every day to the fullest, their courage, their commitment to family, faith, and the belief that "our blessings aren't ours to keep, they're meant to be passed along." Nov. 25th - Dec. 17th Hol i day Mus i cal

November 2017 Sat Sun FRI

December 2017 FRI Sat 8 9 Sun 10

Ma t

Ma t E v e

15 16 E v e E v e



25 26 Ma t

Ma t

Ma t E v e

Ma t

Musical Spoof

By Heather Hernandez Mary Pu r fek t , t he over- s t res sed and exhau s t ed mo t her of t he Pu r fek t Fami l y, i s wr i t i ng t he i r very f i r s t Ho l i day Le t t er. Wi t h t he hard , co l d fac t s of fami l y- l i fe- rea l i t y be i ng…we l l…l es s t han i dea l , Mary ' s c reat i ve s i de beg i n s t o s how i t se l f i n t he t e l l i ng of t he pas t year ' s even t s. Wi t t y s ke t c hes, favor i t e t rad i t i ona l seasona l songs and c l ever mu s i ca l parod i es, br i ng Mary ' s s t or i es t o l i fe, wh i l e a l so expos i ng t he no t - so-per fec t , h i l ar i ou s t r u t h s beh i nd t hem. Ce l ebrat i ng t he ho l i day season , wi t h t h i s amu s i ng fami l y and t he i r s t or i es, i s cer ta i n t o make you l augh , c ry, and re l i eve some ho l i day s t res s. December 1st - 3rd Spec i al Hol i day Event

December 2017 FRI Sat Sun 1 2 3 E v e Ma t Ma t E v e

All the Chicken You Can Eat, All the Comedy You Can Handle!

Nov. 26th

Mat & Eve &

Circus Boy

Ventriloquist Dale Brown

Chris Barnes

Show Times

Matinees: Doors open at 11:45 am Dinner at 12:30 pm Show at 2:00 pm

Evenings: Doors open at 5:45 pm Dinner at 6:30 pm Show at 8:00 pm

Tickets Advance: $32* Dinner and Show, $27* Show Only Door: $34* Dinner and Show, $29* Show Only * All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax

2016 - 17

Vince Maranto

Brian Hicks

Sonya White

Mat & Eve

Roger Radley

Hosted by Rob Haswell Chief meteorologist WITI - Channel 6

Musical Memories Cabaret Special

$32 *

January 21st Shows at : 12:30 & 6:30 “He Said? She Said?” is all about the guys singing gals songs, and the gals singing guys songs! This gender-bend- ing fun gives audiences the unique oppor tunity to see and hear men perform songs traditionally done by women and vice versa. The hilarity may not stop there as we may just get the men to don their fairest gowns and the ladies spor t top hats and tails in this light-hear ted and energetic musical show filled with song-swapping serenades!

$18 *

Saturday Jan. 28th Doors Open at 7:00 Band from 8:00 - 12:00

* All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax


Murder Mystery

$32 *

March 3rd & 4th Shows at : 6:30 By Tony Schwartz & Marylou Ambrose

Private Eye Sam Club is in hot chocolate - er, hot water - when the priceless edible chocolate sculpture he's guarding is stolen while it's being transported by train to the Gallery of Amazingly Great Art (GAGA) in New York City. Is the thief Velma Vavoomski, Sam's ditsy secretary? Famous TV chef Rachael Raven? Bird Activist Abigail Nightingale? Or one of the other wacky characters? Help Sam and amateur sleuth Miss Marbles solve the crime!

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