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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s clear that our company has a lot to be thankful for. We’re wrapping up a great fiscal year, hiring on a new VP of operations, and growing our team to provide even better service. While I’m sure the next few months will be busy as we find innovative ways to keep this momentum into the new year, it’s a nice feeling to head toward the holiday season in such a strong position. It lets me focus on my family and the great food we’ll have at Thanksgiving dinner! Now, I have to admit that the turkey is not really the main event at our feasts. No disrespect to the bird, but since my wife and I juggle whose in-laws get what holiday, we’ve had to put some ground rules in place so we don’t end up eating a turkey dinner twice within a month of each other. This has led both of our families to get creative. On my side, we usually do ham, which I see as a step up from turkey, personally. As for my wife’s side, well, her father loves to smoke meats. When we head over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have no idea what the main course is going to be — only that it’s going to be smoked, and it’s going to be delicious. Even still, I wouldn’t call any of these delicious meats the main event at our Thanksgiving table. You see, nothing rivals my wife’s sweet potato souffle. The recipe was passed down from her grandmother and essentially boils down to sweet potatoes, pecans, and a whole lot of brown sugar. One bite and I’m in heaven. If I’m being honest, I try and volunteer our family to bring desserts to potlucks and company functions just to try and get her to make it more often! Otherwise, Thanksgiving is just about the only time she’ll make this sweet, sweet dish.

Some of my earliest memories of the holiday were spent rooting on the Yellow Jackets in their annual grudge match against the Bulldogs. Now, those who knew my father from doing business with him may have an image of him as a reserved man. That was not the case where the Georgia Tech and University of Georgia rivalry was concerned. Early on in my marriage, my parents and I went over to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving. Here’s the wrinkle: UGA had beat GT pretty soundly earlier that day, and my in-laws were Bulldog fans. I kid you not, as soon as my father-in-law opened the front door, my dad got down on all fours and started barking! Dad certainly knew how to cut the tension. I still laugh about it today. This will, of course, be the first holiday season without my father. I’m certain it’s going to be tough without him there, but I’m thankful he isn’t in any more pain. As his condition got worse, he could hardly sit or sleep, let alone be a part of most family functions. More than souffles or football, Thanksgiving is about gratitude. This year, I’ll be grateful that my father is at peace. -Eric Lunsford

Of course, football is the other big Thanksgiving tradition in our family, especially since my father graduated from Georgia Tech.


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