Seneca County Visitors Guide

Things to Do Visit a cavern, walk through history, enjoy live entertainment or find your way in a corn maze.

Seneca Caverns Join us for a unique experience at Seneca Caverns – Ohio’s Greatest Natural Underground Adventure! Get a peek at what is under the ground that we walk on every day. Walk the natural stone steps and pathways that will lead you through seven rooms or levels. Feel the temperature cool as you progress into the cavern. The largest room is 250 feet in length. At the lowest level, 110 feet below the surface, see Ole’ Mist’ry River; the crystal-clear flowing stream which is part of the vast groundwater system underlying the surrounding region. You will be amazed as you enjoy this very unique tour! Seneca Caverns has been retained close to its original, natural, wild state, this subterranean tour is truly a unique and educational experience youwill always remember. After the tour, try your hand at mining just like they did in frontier days at the Seneca Mining Company. This “gem” is a fully operational sluice with flowing water. Here you can pan for gemstones, minerals, crystals, arrowheads, and fossils. Seneca Caverns may be the only cave of its kind open for public visitation. Seneca Caverns is a Registered Natural Landmark by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Seneca Caverns is open from May through October, rain or shine. Visit to plan your underground adventure!

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