2023 Seneca County Community Guide

Stalter Park 17 Ohio Ave., Tif fi n

Clinton Nature Preserve 400 E TR 132, Tif fi n 33-acre park with 1 mile river access trail Forrest Nature Preserve 701 E CR 6, Tif fi n

Located at the intersection of Ohio Avenue and Clinton Av- enue, Stalter Park is a triangular acre of land acquired in 1905 from former city councilman, David Stalter. The park contains an open grass area with a picnic table, and is also home to the Ohio Historical Marker for Camp Noble. FOSTORIA PARKS Buckley Street Courts 904 Buckley St., Fostoria Located on Buckley Street at Eastern Avenue in Seneca Coun- ty, active locals like to use the three recently-resurfaced tennis courts and one basketball court. City Park 417 N. Vine St., Fostoria City Park is adjacent to Reservoirs 2 and 3. It features a pop- ular playground, horseshoe pits, volleyball court, basketball court, and a picnic Shelter House, made available upon res- ervation. Foundation Park 1225 S. Union St., Fostoria Formerly known as Meadowlark Park, Foundation Park boasts 13 baseball and softball fi elds, a tennis court, playground, picnic shelters, restrooms, concessions and an outdoor am- phitheatre. Foundation Park is also home to the only Dog Park in Fostoria – opened July 2012 and proving very popular with our dog-loving residents! The Dog Park has two separate fenced-in areas for large and small dogs, and dog owners are asked to abide by Ohio’s Vicious Dog Law; dogs displaying aggression toward any other dog or owner are not permitted in the Dog Park. Foundation Park is located on 50 acres Gray Park Across from City Park on Vine Street, Fostoria Gray Park sits on 2.5 acres and features include a play- ground, sledding hill, picnic tables and picnic shelters, and charcoal grills. Harmon Park S. Wood and W. Fourth St., Fostoria Harmon Park has a half acre of playground equipment and is located at the corner of Wood and Fourth Streets. Portage Park Perrysburg Rd. (SR 199), Fostoria On its 22 acres, Portage Park boasts a sledding hill, walking trail, picnic tables and picnic shelters, grills, outdoor amphi- theater, and natural area. SENECA COUNTY PARK DISTRICT Bowen Nature Preserve 11891 E CR 24, Republic 65-acre nature preserve, open prairie, wetland, 2.7 miles hiking trails

47-acre nature preserve, 80 ft. bluff overlooking Honey Creek, Riparian wood and meadowlands, 2.65 miles hiking trails Fruth Wetland Nature Preserve 10130 W SR 18, Fostoria Fruth Wetland Nature Preserve is 20 beautiful acres south- east of Fostoria and is home to a diverse ecological environ- ment including wetlands and woodlands with hiking trails. Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve 5777 S SR 19, Bloomville 302-acre nature preserve, paved walkway, one shelter, two lake overlooks, 37 acre shallow lake, 120 acres of wetlands and woodlands, 7.4 miles hiking and equestrian trails Mercy Community Nature Preserve 45 St. Lawrence Dr., Tif fi n 20-acre woods with loop trail, public fi shing, Riparian corri- dors, wildlife, fi ve geocaches. 1.1 miles of improved trails. Opportunity Park 780 E CR 20, Tif fi n The park consists of an 820-foot fully accessible paved ex- ercise track along with paved trails surrounded by decorative bushes, trees, and fl owers. It has two picnic shelters and picnic tables, and a large, fully-accessible playground. St. John’s Mill River Access 2320 W CR 6, Tif fi n This nearly 4-acre site is located along the east bank of the Sandusky River south of St. John’s Bridge. Steyer Nature Preserve 5901 N CR 33, Tif fi n 209-acre nature preserve, Sandusky River canoe access, Riparian woodland, deep ravines, 70-acre hunting area in season, 4.17 miles hiking trails Tif fi n University Nature Preserve 2375 W CR 26, Tif fi n 855-664-1200 30-acre nature preserve with 1.23-mile hiking trail, handi- capped accessible gazebo Zimmerman Nature Preserve 680 E SR 18, Tif fi n 4-acre nature preserve, Two shelters, .23 mile paved trail COMMUNITY PARKS Abbott’s Bridge Scenic River Access 5901 N CR 33, Tif fi n

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