2023 Seneca County Community Guide

COMMUNITY Arlington Acres 3191 W SR 18, Tif fi n 740-505-2968 arlingtonacresoh.com The Front 9 6730 TR 69, Kansas

The Historical Octagon House & Farm 7618 N TR 32, Clyde 419-680-5970 historicaloctagonhouse.com Tif fi n Moose Family Center 846 146 OH 53, Tif fi n 419-448-9271 tif fi nmoose.com

Tilly’s Banquet Hall 2878 N CR 41, Tif fi n 419-619-7163 Winterberry Farm 2723 N SR 53, Tif fi n 818-634-1303 winterberry.farm

419-558-6463 thefront9.com Ironwood Steakhouse 4399 S SR 231, Tif fi n 419-447-8325 ironwoodtif fi n.com Meadowbrook Park Ballroom 5430 W. Tif fi n St., Bascom 419-937-2242 mbpark.org

Ironwood Steakhouse

A scenic getaway & event space

The Historical Octagon House & Farm is the perfect place to escape to the country and relax... or host a gathering! The three bedroom home sits on over three acres, with a patio, a barn, woods, beautiful views and more. Affordable, convenient and clean - come stay with us.

48 | DestinationSenecaCounty.org Call (419) 680-5970 or visit www.HistoricalOctagonHouse.com for more information.

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