C+S May 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 5 (web)

Blair, Church & Flynn Strengthens Surveying Leadership with Investment in GNSS Innovation

Using the GS18 I GNSS RTK rover with vi- sual positioning provides marked improve- ment in surveyor safety and efficiency while maintaining outstanding quality. When you’re in the business of providing surveys to your community at the high- est level of safety, efficiency, quality and service, your people are your best asset. Making sure your people have the best technology to do their work is a proven way to retain key contributors and attract top talent. For Blair, Church & Flynn Consulting En- gineers based in Clovis, CA, these are the key drivers for staying on the leading edge of technology. As a testament to the suc- cess of this approach, the company has an

outstanding track record of employee retention and repeat clients. The firm’s land services division uses everything from digital levels, robotic total stations and advanced GNSS rovers to scanning total stations and 3D laser scanners to serve clients in a variety of applications, ranging from transportation and utilities projects to parks and education facilities. In April 2021, the company took its capabilities to the next level with the purchase of a Leica GS18 I, the first GNSS smart antenna with visual positioning.

“We’re already seeing about a 20 percent improvement in efficiency. And the safety benefits can’t be overstated. In our pipeline- and utility-related work, along with anything near a roadway, this tool allows our surveyors to get the information they need quickly while keeping them out of harm’s way.” - Analisa Gonzales, PLS, EIT “We had been using the GS18T for the last eight months because of the safety benefits of tilt compensation,” explains Randell West, Blair, Church & Flynn chief of survey. “Not having to level up over points allowed us to capture data in trenches and at the edge of canals and roadways without leaning over into them. As soon as we saw the GS18 I, we knewwe wanted to bring this innova- tion to our clients.” Significant Efficiency and Safety Gains Incorporating the same intelligent tilt technology and advanced signal track- ing capabilities of the industry leading GS18 T GNSS RTK rover, the GS18 I adds an imaging sensor that enables surveyors to capture measurable im- ages as they walk around a site. The ability to capture measurements from a distance enables surveyors to stay completely out of roadways and trenches while collecting all the data required for the project. Because the tip of the pole doesn’t have to touch the point, surveys can be completed much safer and faster. Points can be measured from image groups on site or back in the office, virtually eliminating return trips for missed data.

The ability to measure points from image groups in the field or office virtually eliminating return trips for missed data. Explore the interactive demo.


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