C+S May 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 5 (web)

As soon as Blair, Church & Flynn took delivery of their new GS18 I, they immediately began experiencing benefits from the technology. “Just within the first week, we saw how much it can increase our bandwidth and enable us to get the same quality data in a much shorter time,” says Analisa Gonzales, PLS, EIT, land surveyor at Blair, Church & Flynn. “We’re already seeing about a 20 percent improvement in efficiency. And the safety benefits can’t be overstated. In our pipeline and utility related work, along with anything near a roadway, this tool allows our surveyors to get the information they need quickly while keeping them out of harm’s way.” Taking GNSS Surveys to New Heights In addition to pipeline and utility work, where safety is paramount, the company anticipates using the newGNSS tech- nology to benefit community projects and streamline school improvement surveys, which often require capturing data on roof overhangs and measuring heights on building exteriors. They also envision using the GS18 I to measure heights on utility poles. These measurements can be captured much faster and easier with the GS18 I compared to traditional approaches such as total stations. “We always use the right tool for the job, and this is really just another tool in our toolkit,” Randell says. “But it’s a powerful tool in that it offers a lot of opportunities for us to expand our capabilities and continue to lead in innovation in our industry.” To learn more about solutions to maximize your surveying potential, get in touch with a surveying and engineering expert at Leica Geosystems.



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