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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, finding the right way to say thank you is challenging. Being a mom is an incredibly difficult job, and it’s one that deserves to be celebrated for more than one day a year. While I always strive to be a supportive son and husband, I think it’s important to acknowledge everything my mother and wife have given me. One of the greatest things my mother taught me is a good work ethic. As a single parent, she always strived to provide for us, working long, demanding hours. At times, she’d have up to three jobs in the medical field at once, helping patients in doctors’ offices and working for a blood drawing center, but her exhausting work enabled us to attend college. “These two mothers have done so much for our family that I couldn’t hope to fit it on one page.” Despite coming home tired in her scrubs every night, nothing kept our mother from being there for us. She still came to my sports games and my sister’s cheerleading rallies, and she made the time for family meals whenever her schedule allowed. Because of her sacrifices, I’m fortunate to have a job with predictable hours, but I never would have made it without her incredible example. Nowadays, my mother has been enjoying a well-earned retirement. Unfortunately, she broke her hip recently and is still going through the recovery process. Because

I’m a physical therapist, I know some of the best doctors in the region. She’s making great strides, and I know she’s getting the best care possible. Of course, no Mother’s Day article would be complete without mentioning my amazing wife. She and I have to work as a team to keep up with our kids’ busy sports schedules, especially this time of year. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner — ferrying our kids around town and sometimes even around the country is demanding, but my wife shares my passion for being at their games no matter what. Besides pulling off incredible scheduling miracles, my wife also keeps me grounded. I tend to try to do too much , which is a consequence of the work ethic I learned from my mother, so I’ll take on extra work or volunteer for things I don’t have time for. This is where my wife’s help comes in. Over the years, she’s worked hard to help me understand that I don’t have to do everything at once and that it’s better for me and my patients to direct my energy toward one thing at a time. These two mothers have done so much for our family that I couldn’t hope to fit it on one page. But looking back on their examples of hard work and focus, I can say without a doubt our clinic wouldn’t be what it is today without their influence. Here’s to all the inspiring mothers out there.

The best compliment we can receive is to have one of our patients refer a friend or family member to our practice. If you refer someone and we are able to take them as a patient, both you and the person who was referred

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Happy Mother’s Day!

–David DeLaFuente

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