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Straighten the Slouch

Slumping our shoulders is a form of poor posture that often results in neck, shoulder, and back pain. It can be a hard habit to break, so sometimes people need a little more than self-correction to improve their posture. Enter posture correctors: tools specifically designed to help correct a person’s posture. Though they should not be used regularly, they can help remind your body of what a correct posture is and how to maintain it without support. Here are three correctors that can help you.

includes eight functional panels to help you stay comfortable, especially during physical activity. You can find this and other health-conscious clothing items at



If you need lower-back support, this posture corrector is a great choice. Easily fitted under or over clothes, this device can ease back pain caused by fatigued muscles, spasms, or flare-ups in addition to offering lumbar support. The

This supporter is for anyone who is on a small budget and looking to improve their posture. The Truweo posture corrector is used by wrapping around the shoulders — both over and under clothing — and can be adjusted for optimum comfort. It is lightweight, breathable, washable, and can be worn for all activities. Whether you are sitting at a desk, working out, or walking, Truweo will be there to offer you the extra support you need. Find it now on Amazon!

Aspen Lumbar Support is completely adjustable, so you are in control of the amount of pressure applied. To learn more about this item, visit the Aspen website at Before deciding which corrector you should use, talk to your doctor. They can help you choose the best option for this journey of posture correction and overall health improvement.


Wearing both a corrector and a bra can be uncomfortable, which is why Forme is perfect for anyone hoping to avoid that discomfort. The Forme sports bra offers an under-bust band for posture improvement and also

6 Mistakes to Avoid After Your Mortgage Preapproval

Making Large Purchases — Buying expensive furniture or appliances with credit could change your debt-to-income ratio, which could result in a delayed closing or denial of your loan if your ratios were tight to begin with. Even if you use your own cash to make big purchases, you'll end up having less cash on hand for reserve requirements, which could also negatively impact your loan. Paying Off and Closing Credit Cards — Credit scores are impacted by a variety of things. One of them is paying off and closing credit cards. Although it seems counterintuitive, paying off and closing credit cards often negatively affects credit scores. Also, depleting funds in your bank account to pay off credit cards means lower cash reserves. Cosigning Loans for Others — Especially when it’s a new loan, cosigning a loan for another means that the loan is a debt for the borrower and for the cosigner. It will go into

After receiving preapproval from your mortgage lender, you have to keep your finances in the best shape possible. Because your mortgage preapproval has no value — and won’t bind the bank — you can still make huge mistakes that will prolong closing your next home. Here are six mistakes to avoid. Making Late Payments — Be sure you remain current on any monthly bills. If you have bills automatically paid out of your checking account or by credit card, by all means, continue to do so. Applying for New Lines of Credit —This includes stores that offer zero payment down on financing your new home’s furniture set; don’t do it just yet. Mortgage lenders are required to do a later credit check before the loan closes. Remember: Any new credit account could negatively impact your credit score. This could lead to a higher interest rate or even result in delaying your closing.

the debt-to-income ratio mix. So, think twice before helping your child or sibling buy a car, at least until after your purchase closes. Changing Jobs — Even if it’s a higher- paying job, changing jobs after receiving a preapproval could cause a delay in closing due to verification requirements. Your new salary must be proven, so two pay stubs will be requested and the new job verified before the loan will be cleared to close. Stay in touch with your loan officer before undertaking any significant financial moves. And if you need legal experts on your side, just give our office a call and our team can definitely help you out.


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