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members, a new home? All of these could impact the way you plan for the coming year.Work with us to see what’s shifted and where you might want to make a similar change in your plans. Remember, financial planning doesn’t have an offseason. It’s always a good time to assess where you are and where you’re headed. If you have questions about what you can do now to make life easier (and more fun) down the road, give us a call. No matter the season, we’re here for you. Find a great do-it-yourself costume. Okay, this isn’t related to Financial Planning, but we have to have some fun, too, right? My wife mentioned that Martha Stewart and Oprah have some fun holiday ideas on their websites, and if you’d rather not bother with an elaborate costume, they have treat ideas as well. Even if we no longer go trick-or-treating, it’s fun to get together with friends for some spooky movies and Halloween- themed treats. Enjoy! You also don’t have to break the bank to find a great Halloween costume for you or your little ones. Be original and create your own by visiting local thrift stores or Goodwill. -Jeff and John Zufall

Hi there! I hope this cozy season full of fall colors and all things pumpkin pie is treating you well. I remember going to a pumpkin patch surrounded by farms as a kid in Chesterfield. It was so beautiful! It was a rite of passage every year to pick out your pumpkin and take it home for carving. While October brings us fully into fall and Halloween, around our office, we have something else on our minds. October is designated as Financial Planning Month, and with the end of the year approaching (yes, it really will be here before you know it) you still have time to make some changes and evaluate where you want to be. Before the holiday season kicks into full swing, take advantage of Financial Planning Month. Here are a few ways you can incorporate Financial Planning Month into your fall season, by checking some of these tasks off your list: Designate what (and to whom) you want to give. As we move into the holiday season, giving is in the air, and it’s an opportunity for you to clean out your home while contributing to causes that are important to you. Go through those summer clothes, winter clothes that you no longer wear, and items that are sitting in a closet or keep getting in

the way, and take them to your local charity store or shelter. You’ll get a tax deduction, plus a clearer home and headspace. Depending on your priorities for this year, you may want to make a few more contributions, whether to an organization or family member. If you’re struggling to come up with the right cause, consider what you’re passionate about.Which charities or organizations represent your values?Think about what might be meaningful to you. Think about your tax strategy. Look at your income tax picture with us at Capital Advisory to see if you might be able to reduce your tax burden. It’ll be a good time to do this because even small changes before the end of the year can have an impact on your taxes. Create an emergency fund. The unexpected is just that — something you can’t predict, but you can have a safety cushion for it. Setting aside three to six months’ of living expenses can help make these circumstances less of a shell shock and help you recover more easily in the months to follow. Set goals for the coming year. What does the coming year have in store for you? Vacations, travel, new family

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