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Sometime in November, the first major snowstorm hits. Then, without fail, patients come in to the office with rotator cuff tears, shoulder strains, lower back injuries, and sprained knees and ankles. The patients all tell us the same thing: They slipped on the ice and hurt themselves. A month later, we get many patients who are recovering from a hip replacement resulting from a slip. Not that we don’t love seeing your faces, but please be careful out there! It doesn’t matter how long we’ve lived in a cold climate. Summer makes us forget how slippery the ice is. Salt those sidewalks and driveways, and tread carefully! ‘Tis the Season

Nothing Says ‘The Holidays’ Like Ice Injuries and Football

Whether you’re a young athlete who suffered an injury on the basketball court or a homeowner who hurt your shoulder shoveling snow, do yourself a favor and come in for a checkup. It’s not just business. We don’t want you to get worse, which you certainly will if you don’t address the problem. Besides, the end of the year is a great time to use up your benefits.

“The essence of every holiday is about family and love — the jingle bells and the whistles are just a bonus.”

Despite all the injuries, I love the holidays. And it starts with Thanksgiving, which has always been an important holiday for me. I hope you’ll forgive me for saying this in Giants country, but I’ve been a die-hard Cowboys fan since I was in single digits. Besides family time, there’s nothing I look forward to more than their annual Turkey Day game — not even the turkey. Our holidays are nothing out of the ordinary, but they don’t have to be. The essence of every holiday is about family and love. The jingle bells and whistles are just a bonus. My wife and I are blessed to have our families living in the area. When I think about what I’m grateful for this season, the first thing that comes to mind is our patient base. We love you guys. Some of you have been with us for years, and when something happens, we’re your first call. We hope you always

feel comfortable asking questions and talking openly with us. I’m glad some of you even feel comfortable enough to tease me when the Cowboys lose. As I look forward to Christmas, I’m also grateful for my 2-year- old. Seeing holidays through the eyes of a child for the first time completely ignites the experience. I love spending time with my adult family members, but there’s something special about having kids around. At the office, we have a little party and go out to dinner. I’m also grateful for a wonderful team that makes it possible for us to have another successful year, as we have. With them at the helm, I know we’ll have an even better 2018.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

– Dr. Joshi | 1

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