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March 2018

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What We Learn From Teaching

Is there ever a time in our lives when we’re not learning? As children, we start from scratch and take in the world one crawl, one sound, and one word at a time. As teens, we learned from our teachers and from the stumbling blocks we encountered along our way. You might think that learning stops once you finish school, but the reality is that we are always learning. It’s no different here at Elite Physical Therapy. No matter how many diplomas we rack up or conferences we attend, there is always more to learn. therapy is a constantly evolving field, and we get to explore and develop the latest techniques and approaches with a focus on evidence during these classes and conferences. On a day-to-day basis, continuing education takes the form of sharing a clinical pearl or a technique we may have researched with each other throughout our workday. For all of us, this means participating in continuing-education opportunities. Physical We also see a lot of value in providing educational opportunities for the young people in our community. Our staff has a lot of knowledge and experience to share, and we make it available to others in the form of job shadow opportunities, mentoring young people, and assisting students with getting the observation hours they need as they apply for PT or PTA school. Our team works with several different schools, including LSU Medical Center in Shreveport and New Orleans, the University

As we’ve shared with you in the past, we’re passionate about community involvement and involvement in the profession, and this is something we also impart on our students. We stress the importance of giving back to the community and being an ambassador for the physical therapy profession. We provide these opportunities for students because we love our profession, and we love sharing it with others. We hope they’ll develop our passion for delivering a high level of care as they move forward in their careers. It’s a pleasure and an honor to watch as these students grow and advance, from their first day in clinicals, to gaining confidence and skills, to graduating and beginning their practice. Of course, as our PTs are mentoring their students, they’re learning, too. When you share your skill with someone else, you’re revisiting your own process and making it even better. That makes the role of education at our office invaluable. We’re looking forward to a spring filled with learning and advancing our profession. With so many opportunities for education, what are you excited about this spring?

PT students Courtney Berry & Bradly Jones work on their manual therapy skills.

of St. Augustine in Florida and Texas, the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and Louisiana College, to provide these opportunities. For PT and PTA programs, students are required to attend clinical internships that last 4–10 weeks. During this time, students hone their clinical skills with the guidance of our experienced physical therapists and assistants. They learn how to assess and deal with various conditions and learn to develop their interpersonal skills with patients. Students also learn how to properly document the care they provide as well as how to master the rules and regulations that govern the physical therapy world. It’s a lot to take in, and we’re lucky to have such an all-star team of physical therapists here at Elite PT who are willing to provide such in-depth mentorship.

–Bart Jones

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